Boost Your Mendix Career With The Job Board

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Boost Your Mendix Career With The Job Board

Boost Your Mendix Career With The Job Board by Jan de Vries

Mendix Job Board

Last year we released the Mendix Job board, where anyone can find and post Mendix related jobs. In this blog I will explain how everyone benefits from using the job board; job seekers, employers, and those looking to get into Mendix.

The idea behind the job board

Mendix Job BoardWith the job board we aim to facilitate job seekers, employers, and people who are completely new to Mendix by offering a platform to find and post jobs, as well as discovering the advantage of becoming a Mendix developer. Developers in the Mendix community can use the job board to find potential new challenges, jobs, and projects. Developers looking to get into Mendix can easily see the high demand for Mendix developers, proving that their choice to switch to Mendix is the right one.

Mendix has a fast-growing customer file, which means the number of implementations is increasing rapidly, and therefore also the need for Mendix developers. The job board brings our customers and developers together in one place, and we have made a unique and conscious choice to help our customers and partners find the right developers for their team. With tens of thousands of visitors each month, the job board is the perfect place for employers to post their jobs and find developers to boost their Mendix development. Getting into Mendix has never been this valuable and rewarding with so many career opportunities for the taking.

Find the perfect job

The job board has a clean and simple interface. Browse through the available jobs, or use the search option to find a job with a specific title or a job near your location. Further narrow your search with the available filters. Jobs are categorized into Jobs and Projects, letting you choose between a permanent position or specific projects. Jobs are further specified as freelance, full time, internship, part time, project, or temporary, along with up to 3 tags.

Job Dashboard 2

The job details page shows a company’s name, tagline, website, introduction video, and Twitter. You can apply for the job at the bottom of the page, either by sending an e-mail to the company or by going to their website. Click on the company’s name in the top right to view more jobs at this company.

Job Dashboard 3

Newly posted jobs will also be announced on the Mendix Developers twitter @MendixDeveloper.

Post a job

Are you looking for Mendix developers to join your team? Post your job on the job board and get the attention of thousands of potential candidates. After posting a job for the first time you’ll automatically get an account to manage your jobs.

Manage your jobs

You can access the job dashboard by going to the job board on the developers’ site and clicking the Access Job Dashboard button. After logging in you can access the job dashboard page and start managing your jobs.

The dashboard shows a list of job postings you’ve made, including the job’s title, the date it was posted, when it will expire, and if the position has been filled.

Job Dashboard 1

Edit your job posting

Moving your mouse over a job posting gives you several options. One of them is the Edit option. You can edit every single detail of your post without having to contact Mendix or post a new job. Additionally, you can also edit jobs you have already submitted and are pending approval. What a time saver!

Duplicate a job

Another time saver is the duplicate option, which lets you duplicate the selected job posting into a new draft job and let you edit it. This is especially handy when you’re posting multiple positions that have similar descriptions. New job postings will require approval, just like when you post anonymously.

Job Dashboard 5

Job Dashboard 6

Mark a position as filled

You can also mark your jobs as filled. These Jobs will still appear in the jobs list but will be greyed out. Users can view the job details but can’t apply anymore because The Apply For Job button will not be available. If for any reason a job needs to become active again, simply mark it as Not filled in the job dashboard.

Relist a job

When a job listing expires it will disappear from the public jobs list. Relist your job to get it back to the top of the list. The job and its content will be copied to a new draft that you can submit. After approval it will reappear in the jobs list. New jobs expire after 90 days of submission.

Job Dashboard 4


If you don’t want your filled positions to remain on the job list, or you simply want to remove old job postings, you can also delete them. Keep in mind that this is permanent and cannot be undone.

A place for everyone

We are looking forward to an active job board with many jobs and even more job seekers! If there was ever a moment to think about switching fields, job, or expertise, this is it! Good luck with the job hunt.

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Jan de Vries