Enterprise Software: Stop Torturing, Start Iterating

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Enterprise Software: Stop Torturing, Start Iterating

/ December 15, 2011

Last week, research done by Multiscope, revealed that the number one agony for employees is poorly functioning software. Agony caused by either poor performance, poor user interface or limited functionality (likely caused by faulty business-IT collaboration). Now, I could start blogging a mantra about why agile development is the way to fix this massive glitch (for more on this visit take a look at one of our success stories), but let’s start with a very simple solution that will take less organizational measures than a full agile adoption.

First let’s see the top 5 of agonies for employees:

  • Poor software (either poor performing, GUI or functionality)
  • Elbowing colleagues to get on top
  • Bad ambiance at the office
  • Colleagues who always come in late
  • Loud people in the office.

It’s bizarre to see that the number one agony is the one that can be resolved in the most tangible way: just by listening. Instead of having to take management measures or expensive H&R campaigns to change people’s behavior. All that is needed is a simple solution to give the end user a voice; to engage them in actively improving the tools they need to succeed in their day to day work. This simple solution for your organization materializes in a button that comes with Sprintr: The Feedback Button.

I’ll bet the minute you start collecting feedback and the first bugs or design issues have been resolved, your end users feel they have a voice and are in control. Perhaps the ROI of all the fixes is so big your company can actually start those expensive H&R campaign to nail the other agonies as well.

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