From MIT’s Center for Digital Business: Dr. George Westerman on ‘The Real Business of IT’

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From MIT’s Center for Digital Business: Dr. George Westerman on ‘The Real Business of IT’

/ November 22, 2013

Having co-authored multiple best-selling books including “The Real Business of IT: How CIOs Create and Communicate Value”, “IT Risk: Turning Business Threats into Competitive Advantage” and “Digital Transformation: A Roadmap for Billion-Dollar Businesses”, Dr. George Westerman is a powerhouse in the field of IT strategy and leadership.  We’re honored that Dr. Westerman, currently Research Scientist leading MIT’s Center for Digital Business, will be our featured speaker in an upcoming webinar.  He’ll expound on his ideas around communicating the value of IT to business, and shed light on the organizational issues that keep IT departments from reaching their full potential.

The interactive Q&A will explore the “IT is a cost” mindset challenging CIOs, and how to confront that mindset by doing a better job of communicating value and accomplishments rather than defending budgets and missed project deadlines. The truth is, even the most experienced IT teams have to take on an inherent risk in their IT projects. They manage the risk of evolving business cases and resource constraints, shifting market environments, unexpected complications from integration requirements, and even the looming technical debt from past projects gone awry. Application development is a high-stakes game, and despite the presumptuous popular opinion, IT teams are typically very good at keeping their cool under pressure, and creating business value amid a jungle of unknowns.

The challenge lies in communicating that value to business stakeholders. How can you represent IT as key strategic investment, rather than a cost center? Times are changing – the IT team has more business potential than ever before; in fact, virtually all modes of innovation and differentiation will likely rely on technology in one way or another! While organizations rely on their IT departments in varying degrees of influence, most of them are underutilizing these teams because they don’t’ realize what they’re capable of. Our upcoming webinar aims to discuss this topic, and hopefully give you and your teams the ammunition to be key players that impact your company’s bottom line.