MxHacks: Hack your heart out at the Mendix World 2019 Hackathon

“If it’s a good idea, go ahead and do it.” – Admiral Grace Hopper, computer programming pioneer

You’ve got tons of good ideas. No, you’ve got tons of great ideas. These are ideas that would wow your boss, that would make your coworkers envious, that would make users weep with joy. So, why aren’t you doing them?

Oh, right: Engineers are spending one-third of their time on non-value-added work (according to a report by Tech-Clarity). Working in an environment like that is not very stimulating. How can you show off your skills and take those amazing ideas and bring them to life when 33% of your time is just busy work?

Now is the time to show your true value, your ingenuity and engineering skills. At MxHacks — the free 24-hour hackathon at Mendix World 2019 — you’ll get the opportunity to take those good ideas rattling around up in that head of yours and turn them into solutions that use cutting-edge technology made accessible by the world’s leading tech companies.

A Next-Level Hackathon

MxHacks is all the things: It’s a Mendix World pre-event, taking place on April 15th one day before the biggest low-code event of the year; an event where you can share your passion for creating, learning, and making amazing things; a caffeine-fueled developing frenzy; it’s high stakes and high rewards; a GSD party; MxHacks is a sentient droid trying to assimilate to mankind while being chased down by cops called Blade Runners. Okay, so maybe it’s not all the things, but you get the idea.

Android Speaking: I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...
Pictured: You, after MxHacks


What else is MxHacks? It’s a hackathon for those who want to put their skills and knowledge to the test and make things that matter. Now, notice I didn’t say it’s for developers. Because Mendix and MxHacks are for everyone: developers, designers, business analysts, programmers, marketers. Whatever your role is, whatever you call yourself, MxHacks is for anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset who wants to work with new technology and build apps that are next-level awesome. In fact, your best bet in winning is to create a well-rounded team with complementary skills, as it’ll take everything you and your team can muster up to take home the trophy!

Trophy of Winning the Internet
You, yes you, could win the internet.

What to Expect

Teams of four will select from a series of business use cases and will also have the option to take on a technology sponsor-driven challenge, which will give you access to unique technologies along with the opportunity to win bragging rights and cool prizes!

After 24 hours, a panel of judges will assess your team’s solution on a technical level, its design and user experience, and its completion and viability. Make sure you work on your sales pitches, too, because every team will be assessed on the quality of your elevator pitch.

What’s in it for you?

Next to a free hackathon with the opportunity to make apps that matter, here are some more reasons why you should participate in MxHacks. You’ll also have the chance to learn and level-up with:

  • Accelerator workshops that give you pointers on how to collaborate and develop with low-code
  • Access to on-site mentors and low-code experts to guide you through projects
  • A network of similarly minded peers who are eager to give and receive advice and tips
  • Super fun activities to keep you fresh and awake
  • Unique hackathon swag

Finally, you’ll get freedom. Freedom to create with minimal constraints. Freedom to show off your skills. Freedom to take your great idea and just go ahead and do it.

Dramatic scene of man in the rain reaching up to the heavens in relief
Pictured: You taking Admiral Grace Hopper’s advice


For more information on rules, the agenda, and FAQs, visit our Mendix World Hackathon hub.

When you do sign up, each individual team member must complete the registration form on the hackathon page. You’ll receive instructions on how to indicate which registrants are on your team closer to the event.

What are you waiting for?

Accept the Challenge, hack your heart out - register today.