Seek And You Will Find

As your project gets bigger and bigger, it becomes more challenging to find your way around. Fortunately, the Modeler offers several ways of searching through your project. There is a simple find option (Ctrl+F) that searches for text. It searches through names, user interface texts, and documentation.

As of version 2.5.3, it also searches microflow, XPath and OQL expressions.

And then there is the ‘Find Advanced’ menu option (Ctrl+Shift+F) introduced in version 2.5.2 that offers searches that ‘understand’ the structure of your project. You can search for places in microflows where a given entity is created, changed or retrieved. Or where attributes or associations are changed. You can get an overview of all documents in your project and then filter them in the find results window. Or you can list only constants and immediately see their values. You can look for items that are not used anywhere so you can clean up your project (note that uses from Java code are not taken into account!). And the list goes on. Just try the feature yourself.

With more ways to search you need more room to leave the results. The Modeler now gives you two find result windows. Locking the results in the first window will make subsequent searches go to the second. For example, you can get a list of all constants and then look for usages of each of those constants.

There is no need to lose your way in a Mendix project anymore!