The Mendix Developer Meetup in Utrecht was a great success!

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The Mendix Developer Meetup in Utrecht was a great success!

/ September 22, 2015

In a stylish café in the center of Utrecht, a group of Mendix enthusiasts are animatedly sharing their experiences. They are surrounded by colorful bookcases, giving the impression of being part of the wealth of knowledge contained in the books that fill the shelves.

The chairs are occupied by people from cities all over the Netherlands: Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam, Amersfoort and others. While sipping their cold drinks, the group talks about advanced security, selenium testing, machine learning, and more. Erik Heddema then demoed several new UX features that were released with the Mendix DX release; showing how the new page templates work, along with explaining new and easier ways to style an application. We even saw attendees helping each other to answer current platform questions!

While the initial Meetup was supposed to last for two hours, we quickly lost track of time. By 6.30pm we realized we had been talking for over three hours! The good atmosphere contributed to great talks and discussions about anything Mendix related.

How was the Meetup?

I’ll let the attendees speak for themselves:

“Nice meetup, we had wonderful discussions about all the aspects that are important for Mendix expert developers. Next time a bigger crowd would be wonderful.” – Mitchel Mol

“Great setup of the meetup and very easy to organize ourselves with some support from Mendix. I’m going to organize the next meetup in Amsterdam”– Ralph Lenssen

“Very useful to hear what’s hot and happening in the Mendix community!” – Melvin Grootenboers

Read more about the Meetup from September 17 here.


When is the next Mendix Developers Meetup?

This was a great and relaxed way for those individuals working day-to-day with the platform to talk about their experiences. We’re looking forward to the next event!

The next Meetup will be in Amsterdam, hosted by Ralph Lenssen on October 22. Click here to sign up.

See you there!

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