Top 10 Things to Do at Home During Mendix World: Version 2.0

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Top 10 Things to Do in Rotterdam at Home During Mendix World: v2.0

Top 10 Things to Do in Rotterdam at Home During Mendix World: v2.0 by David Bevans

Mendix World: Version 2.0 (September 1st. Loads of low-code content. Register now. It’s freeeeeee.) is all digital. And that’s not just because it’s not in person. It’s all-digital because it focuses on how you’ll learn to drive digitization forward in your company with low-code. At Mendix World: v2.0, you’ll witness how businesses all over the world have transformed into flexible, change-ready organizations using Mendix.

Now, normally for an event of this magnitude, I would’ve written “Top 10 Things to Do in Rotterdam” to help you get prepped for the event and acquainted with our host city. But this year, we’re all stuck at home.


I just cannot wait…for this plague to be over.

So in lieu of a Rotterdam article, here’s a list of the top 10 things you can do to prep for and experience Mendix World in beautiful, downtown, scenic uh…your home?

1. Get ready.

This is probably the most important one, so pay attention. Instead of packing your bags and picking out that shirt that’s just right for that cool-but-serious conference look, prep for Mendix World: v2.0 a little differently.

Create your itinerary. Review the Mendix World: Version 2.0 agenda. Select the most relevant sessions for you and start blocking off your calendar for the live sessions. You won’t want to miss them. And be sure to make time for the on-demand sessions too. Heck, just view all 65. You know you want to.

Claim your virtual swag.  When you register for Mendix World v2.0, make sure to check out our swag page and download custom emojis, Zoom backgrounds and other digital goodies. This is the kind of swag you don’t even have to worry about fitting in your suitcase!

Check out our Spotify playlist.  This playlist has got jams for days.

Also, jam for days.

Print out your buzzword bingo card. We are not impervious to the occasional buzzword. We’ve got around 65 presentations for Mendix World. You’re bound to hear “digital transformation,” “synergy,” “core competency,” or “impact” slip from the mouths of our talented, experienced, informed presenters. We all make mistakes. Use a bingo card to catch them all.

2. Connect on slack.

My favorite part of conferences is connecting. I enjoy hanging out in the hallways, talking with colleagues, or grabbing a coffee (read: beer) with someone I just met. What does this look like at a digital conference? Well, we’re recreating that in Mendix World: v2.0 Slack channel.

Join our Slack and create your own private group. You’ll be able to send DMs and gossip about the presenters. You can prove to your colleagues and the rest of the 10,000 attendees how strong your gif game actually is. And you can participate in conversations in one of the many pre-fab Slack channels we’ve created.

3. Tiptoe through the tulips…kind of.

Be sure to explore the sites and sounds (but not the smells, we’re still working on that technology) of the Netherlands on a virtual tour of the exquisite Keukenhof Flower Exhibit.

4. Wake up to Mendix World with that perfect cup of coffee.

Folks, this is Mendix World. Don’t just go with that standard, boring coffee you’ve been making day-in, day-out since March or whenever this lock down started. Treat yourself with a delicious cup of java.

Here’s an article on how to make that perfect cup of coffee that I quickly googled and didn’t verify.

  • Use cold, filtered water.
  • Rinse your filter with hot water before brewing.
  • For every six ounces of water, use two tablespoons of ground coffee.
  • Pour a little water over the grounds to let them “bloom”? (I’ve seriously never heard of this.)
  • After 30-45 seconds, continue the pour over.

Apologies to tea drinkers. I don’t drink tea and wouldn’t know where to begin with tea instructions. Just watch Downton Abbey and I’m sure you’ll learn how.

Tears of joy, that is.

And that’s the tea? Did I use that right?

5. Step into the virtual Mendix World: v2.0 looking good.

We know your bed is literally 15 feet away, but just because you just rolled out of it doesn’t mean you have to look like it. So, make sure you get hair and fashion styling tips from Mendix’s Senior Director of Digital Execution Practice and resident hair model, Arjo van Oosten.

Arjo: The Norse god of hair

My goodness. I heard his hair was made of stardust and the golden tears of angels.

This may not necessarily be true (it isn’t), but in his session, “App Portfolio Roadmap Creation from First App On: Planning and Funding,” Arjo’s going to be sharing tips for thoughtfully growing your hair along with how to thoughtfully grow your app portfolio.

6. Fold the laundry, for once.

Look, we know how virtual conferences work by now. You register, turn ‘em on, maybe watch a couple sessions intently, and then your attention starts to wane. And that’s when it’s the perfect time to catch up on that household to-do list. Pop in those bluetooth headphones, grab the laundry out of the dryer, and fold like a beast as you listen to yours truly talk low-code value.

I always dress this well around the house.

You’ll be imbued with more low-code knowledge AND you won’t have to perform the “Clean or Dirty” sniff test with that pile of clothes on your bedroom floor.

7. Make a Stroopwafel.

When we say Go Make It, you’d think we meant making Mendix apps and extending them with Java (which we have a session on). Or making consumer-grade mobile apps with Mendix (which we have a session on). Or building accessible apps (which–you guessed it–we have a session on.) Really though, we’re talking about making those delightful Dutch delicacies, stroopwafels. We don’t have a session on this, but I do have a link with a recipe. Make these beforehand and you’ll have a tasty treat to munch on as you experience those aforementioned sessions.

8. Take breaks.

After so many sessions and stroopwafels, you’ll most likely need to catch your breath.

This is why we’ve built in a few exciting surprises for you between sessions, so make sure to stick around.

During this lockdown, I’ve found a myriad of ways to sit around my house and do work. Kitchen table, bedroom floor, blanket fort, office chair, outdoor patio, steps to my front door. But sitting for so long can do a number on your body. Here are some good stretches after sitting for a long time, hypnotized by our low-code content.

9. Build your dream sandwich.

Here’s a reminder to eat lunch during Mendix World: Version 2.0. And because you’re at home, you can take all the time you need to make one heck of a lunch. So press pause on Dave Brault’s session, “Build Better Customer Applications with Multi-experience Development” and go to the kitchen to build that sandwich that makes you declare, “I am Ozymandias, King of Sandwiches. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!”

The lone and level sand(wiches) stretch far away.

I’ve surveyed some Mendix employees on what they believe the perfect sandwich is. I got a lot of different answers and was able to discern the key ingredient from each. So, based on my research, the perfect sandwich involves a combination of the following ingredients:

  • Oreos
  • Velveeta cheese
  • Steak, sausage, ham, AND bacon
  • 1000 Island dressing
  • Mendix Atlas UI
  • Lettuce
  • Fisticuffs
  • Lobster meat

Remember to serve on a black pepper brioche bun with a microflow drizzle.

10. Treat yourself.

I think throughout this blog and throughout our many many promotion channels, we’ve said you can literally experience Mendix World: Version 2.0 from anywhere (in your house). So, why not view “How to Configure and Deploy in Mendix Private Cloud” in the lap of luxury?

Mendix World is going to be bananas.

Yes. A bubble bath. Turn on the water, add soap (I find that dish detergent works best for big bubbles), get a little table for your laptop, light a candle, maybe have a glass of champagne if you want, and watch Mendix World in a completely relaxed state. Just don’t drop your laptop in the tub. Then you’d be the opposite of relaxed. And the opposite of not-electrocuted.

That’s it. That’s the list. (Did I do that right?)

There’s more stuff you can do while you experience Mendix World. The above is a mere smattering of fun/important/life-changing suggestions. It’s up to you to choose how you experience the biggest, baddest, digital-est low-code conference of the year.

Steve Balmer dancing
Get pumped!

However, I do know one thing that you and every other Mendix World attendee is going to do during the event though: have a blast. So if you haven’t already, go register and get that tub ready.

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