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[Webinar Preview] What’s Your IT Innovation Agenda?

on September 30, 2014


In today’s digital world, business success is increasingly driven by technology. And as the business focuses on new applications that power growth, IT resources will be in even greater demand. While IT has historically managed existing applications and taken orders from the rest of the business, times have changed. In a world where every business is now in the software business, IT has the opportunity to lead innovation, to evolve from order takers to change makers.

This will be the subject of an upcoming webinar with respected analyst and widely publicized IT author Michael Krigsman. In the preview video below, Michael shares how meeting business demands starts by getting the CIOs closer to the business, and putting the right competencies, processes and technologies in place.

But these changes require high level support. Ultimately, it is the CIO who will lead this transformation for IT, making it possible for IT to manage existing systems while simultaneously building new applications that enable business change. As Michael notes, IT can lead the business in innovation efforts but business and IT alignment is critical to success.

Moreover, innovation comes when the business finds better ways to make its users happy. And by users, he means customers and employees, alike. In the age of iPhones, Uber, and other disruptive technologies, we all now expect convenience and simplicity in all of our interactions. And with more desire to meet existing and future customer expectations, IT is in a prime position to lead the charge.

Join Us For The Full Discussion

For more on this subject, join Mendix VP Adam Clay and Michael Krigsman for a live interactive discussion on Thursday, October 30th at 8am PT, 11am ET, 5pm CEST. If you can’t make it, we’ll be sure to post the recording soon after.

Webinar date/time: Thursday, October 30th / 8am PT, 11am ET, 5pm CEST

Webinar title: What’s Your Innovation Agenda? Becoming Agents of Business Change

Register for the webinar.

During this discussion, hear how your team—and organization—can adapt and thrive in the digital era. Michael will answer questions regarding the role of application delivery teams, provide examples of IT leaders who have successfully undertaken this transition, and share practical tips for overcoming obstacles that happen along the way.

What’s Your IT Innovation Agenda?

Every CIO has a backlog of projects, from IT automation efforts to business innovation plans. And while all projects require IT resource, not all projects are created equally. Do you have a plan to meet the growing needs of your business? If not, you probably aren’t tackling the problem in the right way.

Find out how to prioritize all projects to meet time to market expectations. By increasing the quantity and quality of application delivery, the value of your IT team is sure to rise within the organization.

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