Kermit Builds Analytics Platform to Help Hospitals Optimize Spend

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About the case

Innovative healthcare startup Kermit has utilized the Mendix platform to custom-build an analytics platform. The platform provides hospitals with greater insight into, and control over, Physician Preference Items (PPI) spend, resulting in millions in cost savings and enhanced patient outcomes.


While hospitals spend a significant amount on PPI, such as artificial knees and hips, and cardiac defibrillators, leads and stents, they often lack the visibility required to manage and optimize these costs. Kermit addresses this issue by providing surgeons, supply chain managers and executives with real-time data on implantable medical device transactions. The cloud-based application captures and centralizes billing info, running automated contract compliance and price audits to ensure vendor agreements are being followed. As a result, hospitals are able to save millions of dollars.

"The costs of medical device implants are out of control, and the market was ripe for a solution that would fix a broken model. Kermit is the most disruptive business intelligence application in the segment in the last decade. If we had used traditional development methods, we never could have built an application with the speed, cost-effectiveness and breadth of features we did using Mendix."

Richard Palarea
CEO and co-founder, Kermit


Conceived by executives with deep industry expertise, Kermit was built by a small team of business-oriented developers in a matter of months using Mendix’s rapid application development platform. Once completed, the company continued to enhance the SaaS application, using an iterative development approach to build, test and deploy new features in days, not months. The Mendix platform also allows Kermit to be quickly customized to the unique needs of each hospital, ensuring a rapid implementation.

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