AWS and Mendix: Your Digital Transformation Solution

Digital execution requires a lot of time, effort, and investment, no matter the size of the enterprise.

Bringing together many disparate systems and processes is often incredibly complicated, leading to miscommunication, false starts, and bad integrations. That opens organizations to a lot of risks.

But there’s a way to dig out from under technical debt and limited resources to build optimized, intelligent apps at scale and make the most of digital execution: the collaboration between Mendix and AWS.

Customizable digital execution

What digital execution means will look different from organization to organization. And that’s okay. Some orgs are further along on their journey, and some are just starting to find the path.

No matter how you define it, Mendix and AWS work together around your needs. It’s a complementary collaboration that combines the power of AWS with the speed and efficiencies of Mendix. Let’s look at a few examples.


Mendix has always focused on helping orgs simplify workflows and reduce manual processes. AWS brings that to a whole new level with intelligent automation.

Further, with the Mendix focus on business-IT collaboration throughout development, enterprises can worry less about duplicating efforts and miscommunication and focus more on delivering value up and down the enterprise.

That helps organizations deliver more and better applications at reduced cost AND helps to minimize risk throughout the enterprise.


Modernization is something that every enterprise is working through and will continue to well into the future. Mendix and AWS help simplify the process and ensure that enterprises make the most of their resources.

A robust and growing set of AWS connectors simplifies integrating AWS services into your Mendix apps. And with the Mendix platform’s proven ability to help bring together and integrate with core systems, you can maximize your existing stack while pivoting to more modern experiences.

Mendix has been cloud-native on AWS since 2016, and that’s woven into the fabric of the platform. Whether on the Mendix cloud, a public cloud, private cloud, or even on-premises, you can feel assured that Mendix is flexible enough to meet your needs.

Simplifying AWS-Mendix integration for users

Mendix represents an easier way to integrate AWS services, which means an easier way to deploy those services to customers. Learning paths reduce the amount of time, effort, and stress to understand and deploy AWS services. An easier time for developers means an easier time deploying winning experiences.

World-class experiences differentiate and increase customer loyalty. What could be better than that?

Innovative technology

Most enterprises strive to make innovation a standard part of their process, but the path can be unclear. Growing backlogs, tight deadlines, and limited budgets make it challenging to turn strategy and vision into outcomes.

But, with Mendix and AWS, any org can bring innovative technologies into their software portfolio. AR, photo recognition, OCR, and much more are all technologies you can bring to your apps around your use cases.

Mendix also works with partners worldwide to drive new and innovative solutions across industries, from insurance to manufacturing to the public sector to financial services and more. Bring that industry knowledge to your organization’s unique problems to transform your ideas into outcomes that drive value across the enterprise. Innovation can be a practice instead of a dream.

Meeting users where they are

For Mendix users, getting started with AWS is a snap. A robust and growing library of connectors comes complete with documentation and guides to integrate those services quickly and effectively.

Starting with Mendix is easy for AWS customers because you can use existing AWS credits to access and build with the Mendix platform.

Whether you’re looking at a full-scale digital transformation, a new customer or employee portal, tying systems together, or any of dozens of other use cases, chances are high that Mendix and AWS can solve for what you need to accomplish. It’s a combination that can meet and resolve almost any business problem.

Optimize, modernize, execute

We have much more to share here, so watch this space. In the meantime, check out our other resources.

Make better software faster and turn your attention from planning for the future to executing on it.