Mendix Talent Acquisition Privacy Policy

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Talent Acquisition Privacy Policy

This Talent Acquisition Privacy Policy applies to all personal identifiable information (“Personal Data”) we collect and process during our talent acquisition in connection with:

  • Mendix’s Career Site, also known as Mendix Career Opportunities; and
  • Mendix’s recruiting activities more generally, conducted both offline and online via third-party websites.

It covers what we collect and how we use, disclose, transfer and store Personal Data as well as your rights to this information. We value your privacy and observe due care in processing and protecting Personal Data. We recommend you read this notice carefully.


This Talent Acquisition Privacy Policy is applicable next to our General Privacy Policy. Mendix refers to its General Privacy Policy for additional information about our processing activities in connection with your use of Mendix websites and our use of cookies and similar technologies that is outside the scope of this Talent Acquisition Privacy Policy.

Personal Data

We process personal information that you provide directly to us, submitting a job application on the Mendix Career Site or on a third-party website, at a recruiting event or when we have an interview. We may also receive Personal Data about you from other sources, such as from persons you indicate as a reference, persons who referred you for a position, in connection with background or employment checks, and from third parties.

Mendix may process the following categories of Personal Data:

  • identity information
  • contact information
  • educational background and copies of certificates and diplomas
  • professional background and compensation information, such as your current salary
  • job preferences
  • job qualifications and work eligibility
  • visa and immigration status
  • CV/resume
  • employment references
  • background check information

Sensitive Personal Information

Mendix cares values diversity.

With the exception of the situation described below, Mendix asks you not to send any sensitive personal information, concerning racial or ethnic origin, religion or philosophical beliefs, sexual orientation, political beliefs or opinions, membership of a trade union, physical or mental health or condition, (alleged) commission of an offense or related proceedings, job evaluations or educational records, in connection with your job application. To the extent you do provide us with such sensitive information, you explicitly authorize Mendix to process this personal Data as described in this Talent Acquisition Privacy Policy.

In some countries, in accordance with the applicable law, we may ask you explicitly for sensitive information, such as gender, race, ethnicity or disability. This will only be for the purpose of monitoring Equal Employment Opportunities. We do not require applicants to provide such information in connection with their job application or our Talent Acquisition. If you provide us with such sensitive information, it will not be used in the hiring or selection process.

Why we use Personal Data

We may collect Personal Data for the purposes following:

  • To enable the use of the Mendix Career Site.
  • To communicate with you and respond to your requests or application.
  • Hiring, Talent Acquisition and the evaluation of the recruitment process.
  • To analyze, develop and improve the Mendix Career Site.
  • To comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  • For onboarding purposes, including the sharing with a third party that support new hires in obtaining a Certificate of Conduct.

Basis of processing Personal Data

We use Personal Data only when we’re allowed to by law and only for the reasons, we collected it.

Mendix is processing Personal Data on the following legal basis:

  • The processing of Personal Information about you as part of our offline and online Talent Acquisition and outside the Mendix Career Site is based on legitimate interest. Mendix wants to find the best person for a specific job and only to approach persons who qualify for an opportunity.
  • In order to your use of the Mendix Career Site and the processing of Personal Information about you for the purpose of recruitment is based on your consent.
  • The processing of any sensitive information in connection with your job application is based on your explicit consent.
  • To communicate with you, we need to process information about you and therefore have a legitimate interest in processing Personal Data.
  • Our processing of information about you to analyze, develop and improve the Mendix Career Site, is based on our legitimate interest in enhancing the effectiveness, user experience and functioning of the Mendix Career Site.
  • In case you are not selected for an opportunity and we like to contact you about future job opportunities that may be of your interest, we may process the relevant contact and related information provided by you as part of your initial application, based on legitimate interest.
  • The processing of information about you for legal and regulatory purposes, such as Equal Employment Opportunities, is based on a legal obligation or on the legitimate interest in complying with applicable laws and regulations.

Share Personal Data

Mendix considers the Personal Information about you to be a vital part of our relationship with you. There are, however, certain circumstances in which we may share Personal Data with certain third parties without further notice to you, as set forth in our General Privacy Policy and below. We may share Personal Data with:

  • our subsidiaries, affiliates and other related companies for purposes consistent with this Privacy Policy.
  • third-party service providers (recruitment service providers, background or employment check service providers) in order for those service providers to perform business functions on behalf of Mendix. When we ask another company to perform a function of this nature, we only provide them with the information required to perform their specific function.


We will retain Personal Data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law. Regarding your application Mendix maintains the following retention periods:

  • If you are submitting a job application on the Mendix Career Site, the Personal Data about you will be retained for as long as it is necessary for the position to which you applied. The Personal Data about you will be erased, within one (1) month you have withdrawn or Mendix sees no match for position you applied for; unless
  • You have indicated Mendix may retain the Personal Date about you for the purpose of future job opportunities within Mendix up to (1) year from the date you applied, or you gave your consent hereto with the closing of an applications.

Your Rights

If you tell us that you do not want us to use Personal Data as a basis for further contact for job opportunities, we will respect your wishes. Regarding our use of the Personal Data about you, you can exercise a variety of the rights, such as:

  • Request access to the Personal Data we have about you;
  • Ask us to erase Personal Data we have about you;
  • Object any processing we do on the basis of legitimate interests;
  • Ask us to restrict the processing of Personal Data about you;
  • Ask us to correct any incorrect Personal Data we have about you.

If you want exercise any of the foregoing rights or have any other question regarding the Personal Data related to you, please contact us at: [email protected].

Changes to Our Policy

We may change our business and the Mendix Career Site from time to time. As a result, at times it may be necessary for us to make changes to this Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to update or modify this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. We recommend that you review this Privacy Policy regularly, so that you remain informed of any changes.

This Privacy Policy was last updated in March 2019