Novarica Executive Brief

DXP and aPaaS for Insurers: Overview and Prominent Providers

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“Digital isn’t just about enabling omnichannel, portals, or mobile. It means rethinking the relationships between information, people, and processes given new and evolving capabilities.”Novarica

It’s no surprise that leading industry researcher, Novarica, recently found that 58% of property/casualty providers’ say their top IT priorities are digital initiatives for this year and beyond. Insurers are faced with the reality that in the digital age, it costs roughly 8x more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain them industry-wide.

Therefore, insurers are actively rethinking their user experiences cross platform for customers and agents, and it’s also why insurers across the industry, like you, are prioritizing their “growth” and “transform” IT budget investments into digital initiatives like agent portals, customer portals, mobile applications, and other market-facing activities. In fact, Novarica reports “more than 50% of insurers are planning for new systems or major enhancements in portals, business intelligence, and predictive analytics.”

To succeed in these endeavors, IT needs to ask themselves questions like “How do we leverage our existing resources with minimal investment to achieve this?” and “Can I deliver this project in under a year given the talent and resources I have at this moment?”

Download this report to learn about:

  • Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) and application Platform-as-a-Service solutions (aPaaS), also known as low-code — two solution categories that will help you build modern digital experiences
  • How to control of the user interface (UI) and decouple the UI from the core logic of a core system
  • How low-code (aPaaS) providers like Mendix provide the ability to create engaging experiences at speed while consuming core business logic from APIs

Download this report and take the first step to realizing the speed and cost savings you can achieve on your next Digital initiative.