Create Engaging Apps with a Multi-experience Development Platform

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    Hello and welcome to this located 30.

    My name is Simon Black, and I’m a platform evangelist

    here of Bendix

    in today’s Loco to 30 will take

    a look at how you can create engaging APS

    using a multi experience platform.

    In this webinar will cover what you previously

    missed in our local and 30 Siri’s.

    We’ll take a look at the evolution of experiences

    and what it means to be a multi experience


    Well, look at how medics addresses multi

    experience, development platform

    and showcase to you. An example. Use

    case with a demo off the platform.

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    Over the past decade, the way that

    uses interact with technology has

    dramatically changed.

    The world has moved away from destiny only APS

    to Web mobile of finally

    multi channel

    But we’re now in a new era of multi experience

    where users expect to be our to pick up

    their workloads on any device,

    whether it be using a mobile tablet,

    wearables or voice

    seamless See moving between these different experiences

    on the device is remembering where

    the use of WAAS in their journey

    it’s not just us that is noticed this trend.

    Analysts like Gardner have adapted

    their mobile development quadrants to

    reflect this change in consumer needs

    each time the quadrant builds on top of the

    previous adding new required


    Originally, mobile development was split

    into two quadrants,

    the Mobile Enterprise Application platform

    on the mobile consumer application platform.

    Both of these types of platforms provided

    middleware to help support developers

    to create mobile APS to support

    different operating systems,

    but had different features to support

    consumer on enterprise workloads.

    Soon M. C, A, P and

    M E A P most into

    the M, A. D. P or the mobile application

    developer platforms

    as it was a clear need from organizations

    to be able to build multiple form factors

    using a loco platform

    and support all types of applications,

    including B to C, B, T. A

    and B to bay.

    This year, the Quadrant has once again


    becoming the MX DP or multi

    experienced of our platform.

    This is the result of a huge increase in

    the use of new interfaces. Such

    a chat a our voice.

    But to support these new types of interface is

    the platform needs to provide a number off Dev

    ops tools

    and support cloud native architecture,

    allowing a range of developers to

    quickly build and scale out multiple

    user experiences.

    The Mendez platform has always strived to drive


    and deliver new features that our customers

    and analysts are seeing as being essential

    to support great user experiences.

    This is why

    this year Mendes was named a leader

    in the gardener multi experience development platform.

    Cultural and Gardner

    predicts that by 2023

    more than 25% off the mobile

    APS, progressive Web, APS and

    conversational amps

    at large enterprises will be built

    and all run

    through a multi experience development platform.

    So if he interested in knowing why

    we were named a leader

    on, we want to see more information about

    the quadrant.

    You can download this from our website,

    but we believe there are three core reasons,

    while we’re named a leader in this Quadrant

    and these are that we deliver great

    user experience across all channels,

    we help organizations adopt design

    ups, best practices

    and finally, architectural foundation

    allows for scale performance on


    The medics platform comes with a series

    of out the box page templates. Themes

    aloud of widgets.

    To ensure your user interface works

    across all platforms,

    users can access their applications

    any time, regardless of connectivity,

    by leveraging the oflife first mobile


    Any app built in the plant fall can

    be presented in multiple four factors.

    River it beyond mobile, tabler, web

    or wearables.

    More Maur organizations are

    embracing agile C I. C D

    tools and develops within their application

    delivery passes.

    These concepts are built into the core

    platform of men, Dex, but take

    develops a stage fervor to include

    design ops,

    design ops, conceptual e lays on top

    of devil bes tow operationalize your

    organization’s approach to product design.

    It makes designed an integral part off

    the application life cycle.

    Applying design thinking techniques. Just

    test assumptions from initial concept

    to solution, design and delivery

    by leveraging our two id’s, the

    Medics studio on the Studio Pro,

    the entire development team, including Business

    90 Stakeholders can collaborate

    and build together.

    Both The ideas use visual models to build

    full stack application. It’s

    the studio is focused on our sits and


    business users who may have no experience

    in development

    can kick start their idea and start

    to design an application or concert.

    Peter, an existing one

    around citizen developers to rapidly

    test assumptions before delivery

    off a full application

    of the right hand side. We have the studio pro

    folks that are I T developers

    Inside the studio. Pro developers can create

    code extensions, integrations

    and review. All changes may bar business

    users in the studio,

    but having two ID’s, the medics

    platform can cover both know code

    on local development.

    To ensure the applications of built A speed

    is important, we accelerate every part of

    the application life cycle.

    The medics platform covers everything from capture

    requirements, planning, development

    deployment, A review

    allowing applications to be built 6 to 10

    times faster

    than traditional development

    by rapidly iterating over an application

    user can ensure that they’re delivering

    requirements off their users

    to deliver effective experiences

    across devices.

    It’s important that we have an architectural

    foundation that supports these different

    work raids.

    User interfaces such as A, I and

    II T require a scalable architecture

    to deal with potential heavy workloads.

    Oh Ben, it’s applications are dear to 15

    factor app. Architecture.

    Ensuring portability at scale across


    the platform utilizes contain the technology

    such as Cloud foundry, doctor or kubernetes,

    too. Sure applications come support high

    availability on auto recovery.

    The use case that we’re going to look at today is

    for a microbrewery.

    Expect Rich has a several balls and

    rest right across the UK, where they sailed

    their beers, wides and no alcoholic beverages

    as an additional revenue stream. They want to

    provide tours of the brewery

    during a tour. Visitors want to be able

    to use their mobile device to identify

    certain beers on order Personalized


    These bottles will be manufactured and shipped

    to. The customer has several locations.

    After the customer’s purchase, their personalized bottle.

    They need to be able to easily check the progress off

    the order.

    To do so. Expect free to provide several

    support Service is

    by their Alexis skill on their online

    chap pot.

    Help support these processes. The

    menace platform allows for creation of multiple

    user experiences,

    these could be developed inside. One application

    or part of several.

    Allowing data and service is to pass between

    them and allow the different experiences

    to access data across applications.

    So let’s jump into the demo to give you

    a glimpse into the power off. The medics pratfall

    in this demonstration will showcase how we can

    build out multiple device experiences

    for our consumers.

    By leveraging the mandates platform, we can build

    out different device experiences on

    allow those to communicate together

    to bring a great user experience to our


    The first user experience will look at is

    building out. Native mobile applications

    will be utilizing the men dicks, a native

    capabilities which would launch last month.

    As part of this release, we really stay Testing

    Tool, which is called the Make it native APP,

    allows you to test out your applications

    by leveraging the device features and functionalities

    without going through the APP store approval.

    You can connect it up to an application and

    launch it to be able to test those native


    When we launched this particular application, we

    can see the new features and functionalities

    that are available. It was part of this application

    by leveraging native capabilities were

    able to give that great user experience

    for a particular device

    experiences that consumers are used to

    when using applications such as Facebook

    and Instagram.

    He used the same technology, which is called React


    allowing you to transition easily between

    those pages

    and allows you to great give great

    user experience to your consumers.

    Inside this application were able to browse

    a number off items from our store

    but also able to order new items

    to order new items. We can simply use

    our scan feature,

    which is his image recognition to detect

    certain bottles

    was just detected a bottle. It can then

    choose to buy this particular item or

    no. In this case, we

    can see we’ve got a new bottle

    item and it’s currently suggesting

    that this is worth $4. Because we

    are ordering two bottles,

    we can slide and increase this. This will.

    Ultimately, they are prosper price for

    us using

    clients. I logic we can make

    sure that all of that decisions and calculations

    are performed on the device,

    meaning that we can do everything without


    working completely offline on this mobile

    application and sink that dates back

    when needed,

    we can add some personalized text to our

    particular bottle. So in this case, we want to have

    our name displayed on the label.

    If we select next week, then choose

    where we want this particular item to be delivered

    or collected from a number of convenient


    we can select collection.

    And from here, we can select from a map of

    you each of those occasions

    on where it wants to be delivered.

    When it’s delivered to those particular locations,

    it will be placed in one of our smart lockers

    inside their smart lookers. We can open

    them up using our mobile device.

    This is something we showcased at our medics

    world event.

    If we hit the buy button here,

    it will then give us a congratulations message

    to say we’ve purchased this particular item.

    It will also send us a push notification

    to our device so that we can actually

    conceive and confirm that we’ve ordered

    this particular item.

    Now, as we’re working with this particular application

    are consumers might want to add

    new functionality or they might request

    new functionality.

    In this case, they want to be able to authenticate

    before actually buying this particular

    item. So using their biometrics

    I d. Such as their fingerprint or their

    image recognition. We want to be able to

    check their identity before

    actually allowing them to purchase.

    So to do so, we’re actually gonna implement a

    new feature.

    And we’re gonna implement that using the minute studio

    pro inside the minute

    Studio pro. We can build out our pages

    logic and data for our application,

    regardless of what user experience

    and device we’re using

    here, we can drag and drop and build out our experience

    for our mobile application,

    but also build out the logic behind

    certain buttons on dhe


    In this case, we’re gonna build out a

    new functionality which is gonna be to

    identify them using their fingerprint


    If we drag on a new activity to this by

    flow, we can then check and

    shoes from a number off act

    actions and activities.

    These can be even native to the mend,

    its platform or downloaded from our

    APP store.

    APP stores are component library allowing

    you to accelerate and extends the

    capabilities off the platform


    In this case, we want to check their biometric


    We want to be able to see whether

    they have the right authentication or no.

    So we’re going to say whether this fingerprint is

    okay or not,

    we can then add in a decision point

    inside that decision point. We can then

    decide whether it’s a valid fingerprint.

    All off. If

    it is, we want them to be able to purchase

    the items.

    Otherwise we want to be introduced.

    Display a message to them saying it’s no

    valid fingerprint.

    Well, we need to do now is actually redeploy


    So by running locally, this will build us a new

    version of our application.

    It will hot reload this on our mobile device

    and allow us to now start testing out that new


    So let’s go ahead and scan that new item

    again to scan our bottle,


    it by

    selection, personalized text,

    select our location.

    And finally, when we hit by now,

    we brought up this option to authenticate

    with our fingerprint.

    If we touch our fingerprint on that item

    now, it

    will now confirm us and allow us to

    purchase this item.

    So we’re now get a confirmation as a push notification

    again off our item.

    Now, the next functionality that we want

    to showcase

    is that’s quite often consumers

    forget or want to be able to change

    their order on the go.

    One of the convenience functionalities

    that were out there at the moment

    is being until order and change information,

    using your voice

    to eventually extended this application and

    added in voice capabilities

    So we can ask


    ask brewery to change my order.

    How would you like

    your last

    address? Quantity.

    How many? 10.

    Thanks. We have updated you’ll rest.


    and 10 tend to order.

    Value is now trying to

    have a great rest of your day.

    So now by using Amazon Alexa,

    we’ve been Alberto, actually update our

    order and this is pushed this through

    into our mobile application because

    we’ve now got push notifications in our application,

    we can see here that our last order

    has been updated by 10 bottles.

    So we have experiences across

    different devices. But all of that data

    is flowing in together to bring a

    unique experience to our consumers.

    So far, in our demonstration, we’ve showcased

    how you can leverage native capabilities

    to bring a great user experience to your consumers,

    as well as leveraging voice capabilities

    to allow your consumers to ask questions

    about their order status,

    update their order on the go.

    But these user interfaces only cover a

    small portion of the amount of experiences

    that modern enterprises need to cover.

    One important feature and user

    experience we need to cover is being able

    to create Web applications,

    the respond to the browser,

    whether they be in

    native or whether they be on the mobile

    device, tablet or Web.

    And also, we need to be able to support

    on communicate with our customers

    by leveraging a chap bar were

    able to provide 24 7 support

    to our users.

    So let’s switch over to our browser now to

    see those new functionality.

    So here in this online up occasion, we can

    do the same process as we did on

    our mobile application.

    We can choose certain products and

    update the quantity

    by simply typing for certain informations.

    We might want a House house wine.

    We can slide this information

    the quantity to update our total.

    Now this application runs across device.

    Whether it be on mobile

    or tablet,

    it will respond to the actual device

    it’s on

    at the box. All medics applications

    utilized, responsive design

    allow you to create beautiful applications

    across device.

    You can also build your own custom look of feel

    for different device types on build

    out native applications like a showed you earlier

    in the previous demonstration.

    So within this application, we’ve also built

    into it A friendly chapel

    on Mike here is able to actually ask

    us questions on Be able to support

    us in the 24 7 manner.

    And this is because we’re using online chapel.

    We’re using IBM Watson

    to allow us to actually are certain

    questions and respond with certain information

    that is combined with men. Dicks


    the information about our orders information

    about so delivery times

    are stored in the mend, its application and

    supplemented with information from IBM


    So we’ve trained this box here to respond

    to certain questions.

    So if we say I would

    like to know the


    off my order,

    it will ask me for the order i

    d. We can use the order I d that

    we created earlier. So it was

    S I


    and it will respond back with the status

    for this particular order so we can see now

    it’s currently in the manufacture tree stage.

    So I looked up that particular order in

    the medics application and presented

    a particular stage toothy user now

    within this chap. But we’ve also embedded some

    voice controls so that we can actually

    use our

    a p. I’s available in the Web

    here to actually capture a certain

    audio and convert that into test

    so we can ask,

    Tell me a joke.

    We also we see it’s transcribed that

    into text Nelle, and we can submit that

    to our chat box,

    and it will come back with a relevant joke.

    In this case, Can a kangaroo jumped higher than

    a house?

    Of course, houses can’t jump.

    So very intuitive chap

    bought that we’ve created here

    on. It just goes to show how easy

    you can embed these type of experiences

    in your application and bring a new

    level of user experience to your consumers.

    Now, as we’re going through this application, we might

    decide you’re in the development stage

    that we want to make a change. This application

    on as a citizen developer, someone

    from the business, I want to be able to make

    those changes and being control of foes

    and to do so every mend its application

    has a feedback button on the right hand side

    Here, this allows you to do a number

    of things, allows you to submit

    feedback for certain items that

    you want to work on.

    So by clicking on the feedback

    icon here, we can enter certain


    And in this case, we’ve forgotten to aunt in

    the descriptive text that we want

    to add on also a example

    delivery date for when we want this particular

    item to be delivered to us

    so we can enter some feedback. And we say I

    would like

    a delivery dates

    on personalized


    it sent.

    This will send all of this information into

    our online project management portal where

    we gather those requirements, we can manage

    the Mao and we can start to develop

    our application together.

    So if we switch now into the mend, its home

    portal, this is where we can start to

    manage out those feedback items.

    So all applications built on the platform

    will were built using theme index

    online still here,

    so you can manage your requirement, your

    projects and invite a number of stakeholders

    to those applications.

    We drill down on this particular project we can see

    in the feedback section. This is where we can manage

    out those feet back.

    We could view details about

    who submitted them,

    where they submitted them

    on information such as, what

    browser? They were on device, and

    it will have a screen shot with it

    as a product own. I can then decide whether I want

    to accept or deny this particular request.

    In this case, we can market has accepted

    that we can market for a particular sprint.

    This will create. It’s now a user story so

    that we can collaborate with people from the business

    and I t around that particular requirements.

    So now we’ve got that particular requirement. We want to

    go and implement it.

    So it’s always important to have that change

    request in place in order to trap

    through all of the changes in the platform.

    Now, if we go back to our application, one of the other

    features that’s available is part his feeble.

    But is this pencil icon?

    If we press this, this will take us into the

    edit mode within the men

    Dick Studio.

    If remember, back to my descriptions Mendik

    studio. It focused, at sits and


    business users who want to be involved. You’re

    in the development life cycle.

    I want to be able to quickly update changes

    in their browser here.

    So the change we want to make is we want to add to

    fields. The 1st 1 is we want to have

    a text field so we can

    input the personalized text

    and we want a date picker so that we

    can actually implement the information

    such as the delivery day

    Now in this Brown’s ahead. We could just simply

    drag and drop Conseco design

    first approach to application

    build rather than building from a data

    up. We can build from the pages

    and then create the relevant data in our structure.

    Two here on the left hand side here, ask us to select

    an attribute. So where do we want it? And she stole

    that data

    and you’re noticing these selected attributes. We don’t

    have a field yet for our personalized


    So let’s create a new attributes

    to steal that information

    and it will automatically associate that

    particular field Now to our new data

    writer. The final piece

    you wanna add is a new date for the delivery.

    So by leveraging the mending

    studio. We can really empower our

    developers and our business uses across

    the enterprise.

    So again, we don’t have a field for that particular

    delivery day. So we can just at that inn. Now,

    when we run this application, what it will do

    is it will build us this application.

    It will connect to the database of our choice

    on update all the fields necessary for

    this particular application.

    So all of those changes are completely version

    now, and they will be checked out

    on updated by our users

    in the studio pro.

    So if we want to actually pull those changes

    through and check them out, what we need

    to do is switch over to the studio Pro


    and from there we can actually update

    of view those changes that they’ve made.

    Now, if I press update, what this would do

    is it will lock the changes in

    our Web modeler environment

    so that they cannot change this

    particular application whilst we’re

    updating those versions.

    So by doing this, we’re able to give control

    to those technology uses

    in the desktop environment

    crunchy version a troll and check everything

    before committing it into the main line.

    So here. We’ve updated all those changes and if we go


    our page here

    will see those same changes in

    our application.

    So changes across both studios

    are kept in sync.

    So now we’ve got those changes to our application.

    We need somewhere to deploy this

    on. The great advantage of mandates is

    that we can deploy application and

    run it in any Kyle stack on

    premise or private cloud offering

    giving true flexibility of England to deploy

    and utilize any type

    of infrastructure.

    Now, for this application is connected up to

    our medics Cloud.

    If you go back to the developer portal,

    this is where we can manage out those environments

    on. We can see certain versions off this

    application being built.

    Now. One of the major advantage of Bendix is that every

    part of the platform has an A p I,

    including the bill capabilities.

    So being out of build a new version and deploy

    into an environment,

    this is especially important when

    building out your own devil pes tule chains.

    In this case, we build out our own Dev up Still

    change for this demo which levels it leverages

    Amazon Alexa

    to build and employ our application

    so we can ask, Like so

    asked Mendez t build my app

    building Revision 82 with version number

    1.0 dot zero.

    So we can see here that


    started a builder application will see

    our screen here updates with

    the new build

    here. We also we have 82

    currently being built once it’s built,

    were able to then stage it into

    acceptance and production by using

    the voice capabilities again.

    So now there are application is being built.

    We can ask.


    asked minutes to deploy my app to


    Deploying version one. Don’t theory. Don’t

    0 82 to acceptance.

    So now that we’ve initiated

    that particular build on deploy

    into acceptance, it will go through that

    process of updating application, updating

    the relevant data base and then make this

    particular version available on our acceptance


    So we can see here. The APP has

    stopped on acceptance

    so we can see here now Our application

    is updated with the new version.

    We can actually go interview that application now

    in our browser.

    So we deployed out to an environment

    running on the mend. Its clouds

    in this case amend its cloud runs with car foundry.

    A DBS is our infrastructure

    around for scale and portability

    across environments.

    So we see here we have our new personalized

    texts on delivery day deployed

    out to our acceptance environment.

    So in the last 30 minutes, we’ve been able

    to demonstrate to you how the medics platformer


    multi device experience platforms

    and how we can leverage the capabilities

    to bring great user experience to

    our users across device

    on also across interface.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed this loco than 30.

    Make sure you check out our community weapon

    are which we running later this month,

    which will cover some or user

    interfaces such as wearable devices

    via hololens

    will now move on to the question and answer