Visual Modeling

Using visual modeling capabilities, you can increase development productivity. The right visual modeling platform utilizes pre-built components and business logic workflows to graphically represent applications in a human readable form. Interest in visual modeling continues to increase as users experience the ease and speed with which they’re able to build web and mobile applications.

Visual Modeling Through Abstraction and Automation

Visual modeling, also known as model-driven development, is possible through a mixture of abstraction and automation components that collectively enhance your time to market. By visually modeling an application (rather than coding it), you’re able to shift away from the technical details that make up the application to focus on delivering the right solution for your users.

The model is converted into a working application using automated transformation or interpretations. To achieve the highest productivity advantages, automation should be executed at run time, thereby removing the need to generate or write code. In addition to executing the application models at run time, the ideal visual modeling application development platform will offer a host of pre-built components that allow users to drag and drop application functionality into the model. The user will visually model the application through various functionality components and then graphically construct the business logic behind the application through human-readable workflows.

Learn more about Mendix’s visual modeling capabilities.

The Benefits of Mendix’s Visual Modeling Capabilities

Visual modeling works on a higher level of abstraction, so that users with minimal technical understanding can visually build sophisticated web and mobile applications. Our customers easily orchestrate complex systems through drag and drop components, ultimately seeing a host of benefits that extend across the entire business.

Find out how Mendix’s visual modeling web and mobile application development platform can help you:

  • Improve communication with your business team through human readable application models
  • Speed the delivery of critical business applications through the use of pre-built models and application components
  • Streamline internal operations by automating complex workflows and simplifying internal systems
  • Produce appealing digital experiences that keep customers and employees happy

Learn more about Mendix’s visual modeling capabilities.