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About Jouke Waleson

Product Manager and Team Lead of the Mendix Cloud team.

  • New Cloud Foundry-based Mendix Cloud Runs Globally on AWS

    At Mendix, we’ve been frontrunners in adopting cloud technology to offer our customers a seamless experience managing the full application

  • Mendix Cloud Updates in Q1 2016

    Over the last few weeks we’ve introduced some new functionality to the Mendix Cloud, and in the coming months we’ll

  • Introducing Custom Error Pages

    The Mendix Cloud has a new feature you might like: Custom error pages. Whenever your application is stopped, you are presented

  • Have an A+ New Year

    Last week we disabled SSL 3.0 as announced here This was the first step in a updating the security across

  • Time to Retire SSL 3.0

    As a general security precaution, Mendix will shut down the legacy SSL 3.0 protocol on our platform & for all Mendix-hosted environments on Dec. 18th.

  • Kernel 3.16 with MST support for Debian experimental

    Mendix recently gave me a ThinkPad T440s. This is an amazing machine, however, to use more than one external display

  • Your app is part of the modern web

    Over the last couple of weeks we have drastically upgraded the performance, security and versatility of the front-facing http layer

  • Shiny Graphs

    Sometimes your Mendix apps perform, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes you’ll get a customer on the line telling you “the application

  • The Ultimate Debugger

    Whether you like it or not, your software will contain bugs. Any app of reasonable size fails for certain inputs,

  • Startup advice from the CTO

    As you know Mendix experienced phenomenal growth over the last 7 years. Scaling an organization is not easy. Our CTO