The increased demand for custom applications leaves IT leaders under immense pressure to deliver custom applications successfully while proving the ability to scale at speed. Therefore, enterprises are turning to agile development to ensure positive application development outcomes. Below is a list of the creators of agile who continue to lead the agile community. Follow these thought leaders to join the conversation and learn best practices for implementing agile.

1. Jeff Sutherland

Jeff is the co-creator of Scrum and founder of Scrum Inc., the world’s leading authority on Scrum. The company has assisted countless organizations in adopting Scrum to stay up to date in a constantly changing world. Additionally, Jeff is one of the seventeen independent-minded software practitioners who wrote the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. You can view his profile on LinkedIn or Twitter. 

2. Ken Schwaber

Ken is the co-founder of Scrum, Head of, and Founder of the Scrum Alliance. He’s been active in the world of software development for forty years. He also has his own blog called “Telling It Like It Is”, which you can view here. Follow him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

3. Geoff Watts

Geoff is a TEDx speaker, author of Scrum Mastery, Product Mastery, and owner of @CoachsCasebook, and @TheAgilePubCast. He is known for his expertise in leadership and performance, in addition to being well known for his ability to assist people in navigating agile development and Scrum. He holds regular keynote sessions on coaching, collaboration, and change. You can view his website here or visit him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

4. Henrik Kniberg

Henrik is an agile and lean coach, prior to which he led the foreign translation of the Agile Manifesto. His books have more than 500,000 readers and he prides himself on being an author of all “big three” topics: Scrum, Kanban, and XP. Currently, he coaches and mentors companies based on agile and lean principles, with the most focus on Spotify and LEGO. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

5. Scott Ambler

Scott is unique in the industry in that he supports unified processes as opposed to Scrum/XP combinations. Formerly Scott was IBM’s Chief Methodologist for IT, currently, he is a Senior Consulting Partner at Scott Ambler & Associates. He is also the author of the book “Disciplined Agile Delivery”. You can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

6. Mike Cohn

Mike is a prolific blogger and author of books like “Succeeding with Agile”, “Agile Estimating and Planning” and “User Stories Applied for Agile Software Development”. Mike is the co-founder and past chairperson of the non-profit Agile Alliance and co-founded board member of the non-profit Scrum Alliance. In addition, he is an in-demand agile and Scrum instructor and trains groups all over the world on how to adopt and succeed with agile software development using the Scrum framework. Follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn and read his blog.

7. Martin Fowler

Martin is an author and speaker on enterprise software design. He currently works for and has had a long career at ThoughtWorks, a software delivery and consulting company. Visit his website here, which is dedicated to enabling software development professionals while focusing on skills and techniques to advance developers’ careers. Follow him on Twitter.