A Winning Combination: App Platform Efficiencies at Financial Services Companies, + Free Webinar

on February 15, 2013

Building web and mobile applications within sophisticated data ecosystems creates unique challenges for financial services organizations. These companies face pressure to comply with more and more regulations, while continuously striving to innovate and boost their returns. Digital Risk LLC is one such organization that has proven its ability to keep pace with market needs. We’ve invited Eric Rawlings, Digital Risk LLC‘s Chief Technology Officer, to expound on the organization’s application delivery strategy during a webinar.

Eric RawlingsIf you have the privilege of working for a financial services organization, you know more than anyone how much you rely on massive implementations of extremely secure systems to get your job done right. Finding that balance between the we-need-this-app-yesterday business case and system reliability and security considerations can create real problems when you need apps to support new business initiatives, differentiate your market offering, or just bring systems of engagement into the cloud era. To do these things right, you need to adopt an application delivery framework that helps you support your business in an agile and flexible way. There’s no need to dig down into your existing systems, but rather, you create a more flexible layer on top of them.

Of all the technology dynamics that impact these companies, an app platform-as-a-service framework that allows for centralized infrastructure management and business-level application development offers the most universal solution to a problem plaguing virtually every financial services company today.

Whether its loan, credit, and account origination applications, mortgage servicing, fraud management, credit underwriting, risk management or REIT – app platforms allow you to quickly and flexibly build web and mobile applications that comply with enterprise-class financial services requirements. We’re holding a webinar on March 5th for financial services professionals interested in how our customers are using the Mendix Platform. We are excited to welcome a true innovator as guest speaker, Digital Risk s Chief Technology Officer, Eric Rawlings will share his thoughts on the changing dynamics of business enabling technologies in the financial services industry.