App Delivery Enables Innovation at Liverpool Victoria Insurance

We have an exciting upcoming webinar with Liverpool Victoria (LV=) Insurance’s Fast Track Innovation Director, Rod Willmott. LV= Insurance is one the UK’s largest insurance organizations, with 5,500 employees serving over five million members and customers across 17 offices.

The award winning insurance company takes innovation seriously, and they’re always looking for new ways to drive innovation through application delivery. Willmott’s leading the charge to get products to market faster, and enable business processes to be changed faster than can be achieved using traditional approaches. His focus is on helping concepts that would otherwise die in the queue for a big project ticket get ‘market tested’. In doing so, Willmott is pioneering ways of introducing innovation to respond to challenges unique to the insurance industry.

According to LV=’s Chief Information Officer, Richard Warner, LV= has found new ways to innovate faster and better, one of them being the Mendix App Platform. In reference to a Mendix-built web portal for the company’s network of independent insurance brokers, recently Richard explains “Working with Mendix and the agile methodology it supports, we are able to reduce delivery times and we were able to deliver a fully working proof-of-concept and gain stakeholder buy-in within days, before moving on to full development. We’ve also used Mendix for even more ambitious, comprehensive projects that support our efforts to market-test new products. Thanks to Mendix’s low development costs, ease of deployment and project speed, the delivery of entirely new systems has become a true alternative to our traditional development stack.” Read the full press release here.


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