Arch Re COO will talk about Mendix at ACORD LOMA

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Arch Re COO will talk about Mendix at ACORD LOMA

/ April 14, 2009

Philip Augur, Chief Operations Officer at Arch Re will present his experiences using Mendix software at the Acord Loma Insurance Systems Forum in Florida on May 19.

4:15 PM – 5:00 PM
Implementing a Self-Service Portal Using Model-driven Development
Presenter(s): Philip Augur, Arch Re Facultative

Arch Re Facultative needed an agile, user-friendly and customizable, Self-Service portal to support their growing program business. The solution they implemented was developed quickly and painlessly using Model-driven development. The Program Portal positions Arch Re Facultative positively in the competitive landscape. It can accommodate the spectrum from Arch Re Fac’s simplest, most homogeneous programs to their most complex agreements. Hear how model driven development helped ARF implement a better solution quicker and learn how Model-driven development can work for you.