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As you float down the Lazy River of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, enjoying the sun and an umbrella drink in between sessions of Realize LIVE, the global gathering of Siemens users, you overhear snippets of conversation from fellow conference attendees tanning in front of their river-side cabanas.

“How can we plan ahead when twenty-five percent of our shop floor changes every year!” cries one worried voice by the daiquiri cart. “How do we move from making huge quantities of a few products to small batches of many products?” ponders another by the heated towel stand. “Excellent questions,” you think, as you paddle around the next bend in the river. “But where can we go to find the answers?”

Optimizing with your Digital Twin

If you’re planning to attend Realize LIVE, you won’t have to go very far to find answers to your questions about coping with the increased complexities of the manufacturing industry. Start by dropping in on the “Transform factory operations with adaptive solutions using Mendix” session. Jethro Borsje, chief ecosystem solutions officer for Mendix, and Mike Scott, vice president for Siemens Digital Industries Software, will show you how to use solutions built on the Mendix low-code platform to make life simpler for your plant managers and shop floor leaders.

By building low-code solutions that tap into the power of the Digital Twin—a virtual representation of your manufacturing facility—you can optimize your production engineering, plant management, and shop floor operations. With this Mendix-powered optimization, you’ll be able to:

  • Predict your make-to-order: Cement your customer’s loyalty by boosting your ability to deliver on time.
  • Optimize your shop floor: Perfect your production strategy by basing it on the best use of your equipment.
  • Speed up your fulfillment center: Shave valuable seconds off the fulfillment time for every package.
  • Lessen your carbon footprint: Slash your energy usage and carbon emissions by harnessing the power of predictive modeling.

Answers behind every door

Of course, that’s not the only talk where you’ll be able to find answers to your manufacturing questions. Realize LIVE will feature close to 400 sessions. Find yourself a front-row seat for these information-packed presentations.

Leveraging low-code: Mendix to distribute $500 million in federal relief to Michigan residents

When the state of Michigan needed solutions for efficiently disbursing federal pandemic relief funding, it built those solutions on Mendix.

“Person-ify” program management using Mendix

Are you losing command of your program management because persona information is splintered among multiple systems? Mendix can help you bring it all back under your control.

Digital transformation using MPMAccelerate

Learn how to infuse your manufacturing process management systems with digital-age agility and speed using the MPMAccelerate packaged solution.

Disrupt the digital transformation dilemma with a low-code and multi-experience platform

Experience how low-code application development can unleash the domain experts in your organization to build solutions that will gain new efficiencies, new connections, and new ways of engagement.

Live the low-code life

The power of low-code application development won’t just be mentioned in the sessions above. Whether you’re learning how to build personalized low-code apps on Teamcenter or how to unlock the potential of infinite data with MindSphere, Mendix, and Xcelerator as a Service, you’ll be hearing a lot about the low-code life at Realize LIVE.

And if you want to hear even more, be sure to visit our booth. You can talk to our experts, see the Mendix low-code application development platform in action, and get insights on the latest industry news and trends. See you on the Lazy River!