FAQ – Ensuring Business Continuity for Mendix Customers

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FAQ – Ensuring Business Continuity for Mendix Customers

FAQ – Ensuring Business Continuity for Mendix Customers by Derek Roos

We are committed to ensuring that Mendix-built mission-critical apps will continue to run reliably, 24/7, on our cloud platform and infrastructure. In these unusual conditions we face due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we will continue to offer support through measures we have put in place to ensure the smooth continuity of your business operations.

You rightfully have questions around how Mendix is prepared to continue to support you and your business. Below are questions we have already been asked, but we know these are not the only questions in this environment. If you have additional concerns, please reach out to your customer success manager. They are happy to speak with you.

Are There Enough Staff Members to Support Unforeseen Problems?
Yes. Our support team has always worked from geographically dispersed locations, enabling Mendix to ensure coverage across all global operations. Currently, our support teams are working remotely at the recommendation of medical experts. However, the physical location of an individual Mendix employee has no influence on the quality and security of work we deliver.

Are You Still Providing Customer Support and Handling Job Tickets?
Yes. At Mendix, it’s business as usual with 24/7 service continuity. We will always answer the telephone and pick up a job ticket in response to your needs, solve any problems, and meet our service level agreements. Our staff has the right tools, right access, and right technology to handle any threat to your production systems—any time and from any place obeying the agreements with our customers from which region we access our cloud systems from.

How Do You Ensure the Continuity of My Business Operations?
At Mendix, we have built our deployment platform to be resilient and highly available. If a specific region or country experiences stress or volatility, we can easily move operations to another geo-location. All apps running on the Mendix Cloud and on Mendix infrastructure will continue to get the same excellent operational support 24/7 that you have already come to enjoy and expect.

How Are My Business Critical Apps Being Supported by Mendix?
Building applications with Mendix makes them inherently resilient to failure. Our platform infrastructure is designed to handle many types of interruptions. Mendix-built, cloud-native applications are as self-contained as possible. They are built to scale and, when stressed, can be moved to other cloud locations and continue functioning.

For more on our automated availability measures, visit:

What About Your Cloud Service Providers?
We carefully vetted our cloud service providers to ensure they follow the highest criteria for service, confidentiality, integrity, availability, performance, resilience, and business continuity. We will only work with vendors who meet these requirements and Mendix implemented extended availability measures to ensure continuity greater than agreed upon with our cloud service providers and our customers.

Does Mendix Conduct Risk Mitigation and Assessment?
Yes. From our earliest years, we adopted the practice of conducting regular risk assessments on extreme threats that could weaken or damage any aspect of our company processes, infrastructure, and systems. While our key concerns focused on information security and preventing privacy violations, we also are prepared for any possible natural disasters or threats such as fire, earthquake, or flooding, as well as our current pandemic.

Why Does Risk Assessment Matter?
Having a business continuity, resilience contingency and disaster recovery plan for a pandemic is key to getting accredited for risk mitigation. With roots in the Netherlands, Mendix has always planned for the threat posed by extreme weather and flooding. Now, with increased globalization, we have also incorporated a wide range of issues into our planning, including stresses on the airline industry and trade volatility.

Where Can I Learn More?
The ongoing resilience and availability of Mendix infrastructure has been certified by internationally recognized standards based on NIST and ISO to withstand a wide range of potential disasters. We have implemented the tools, technology, and processes that enable us to deliver our services in a secure manner, independent of location.

For more on our compliance guidelines and certifications, visit: https://mendix.com/evaluation-guide/enterprise-capabilities/organization-compliance#security-certifications.

We continuously strive to meet the gold standard of risk mitigation to ensure your information security and business continuity measures. By design, our practice has been to tackle problems before they strike.

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