Kickstart CSR Initiatives with Tocndix

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a growing strategic concern requiring businesses to implement new technology and system updates. CSR initiatives increase the public’s trust in an enterprise and positively affect the environment and society. However, CSR work can require a significant contribution from IT, overwhelming budgets and obscuring other business opportunities.

The Mendix Solutions Template, developed by Tocndix, allows you to immediately kickstart a CSR initiative, form teams, and establish responsibilities across the enterprise. Combining the Tocndix template with Mendix’s low-code platform allows CSR-bound business teams to create enhanced and personalized experiences.

The Significance of CSR for Businesses

Corporate Social Responsibility is often seen through the lens of another three-letter initialism, ESG, or the division of an enterprise’s corporate responsibility into three categories: Environmental, Social, and Governance.

  • Environmental: This includes sustainability efforts, such as managing carbon emissions, conserving natural resources, and adopting environmentally friendly practices.
  • Social: This evaluates relationships with internal and external stakeholders, encompassing employees, suppliers, customers, and local communities. Social CSR promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Governance: This pertains to board composition, transparency, business ethics, and responsible decision-making.

More than Just Goodwill

CSG initiatives translate directly into companies’ performance criteria and stock market evaluations.

In addition to traditional financial indicators (revenue, profitability, growth, etc.), there are now official evaluation indices for assessing ESG performance, such as:

  • Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI)
  • Bloomberg ESG
  • Sustainalytics Indices
  • CSA Reports and Databases (S&P Global ESG)

As a result, major international corporations have already taken steps to incorporate these issues into their short- and medium-term strategies. The Western industrial landscape is gradually adjusting, with most companies embracing CSR and implementing tools to professionalize their approach.

“One of the main challenges for CSR teams is to become aware of and centralize the actions already taken and to stimulate new initiatives from employees,” said Yves Benchimol, Tocndix project lead. “Another aspect is to validate the CSR relevance of these initiatives.”

Making New Processes Easy

To streamline this process, Tocndix has developed an application on the Mendix platform that allows an organization to establish roles such as declarants — who present CSR actions — and jury members — who validate the quality of declared CSR actions.

The Tocndix application also includes 200 pre-written questions categorized into the 17 most common CSR action categories. The CSR team only needs to distribute the questionnaire to company employees to inform them about their actions and, more importantly, to inspire them with ideas for new actions.

The application for declarants also functions natively on their mobile devices. This allows team members to substantiate their actions with on-site photos. Built-in workflows also help users validate and enable each CSR action and share success stories with executives and colleagues across the enterprise.

Benefits of the Mendix Platform

Building a CSR solution on Mendix simplifies customization, from managing user roles and rights to adapting workflows and handling multilingual aspects. All these enhancements are accessible to CSR teams without requiring IT department involvement.

Furthermore, all API options enable the IT department to integrate with internal solutions, such as SAP, for accessing personnel files or fostering competition among different entities within large corporations.

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