Mendix World 2016: A Closer Look at the Digital Transformation Track

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Mendix World 2016: A Closer Look at the Digital Transformation Track

Mendix World 2016: A Closer Look at the Digital Transformation Track by Mendix

As Mendix World 2016 gets closer, we want to point out some highlights you won’t want to miss on your quest for inspiration and education on bimodal IT, business-IT collaboration and digital innovation best practices. Mendix World will feature two days of inspiring keynotes and breakout sessions, with tracks focused on strategic technology trends, customer success stories, digital transformation, the latest Mendix platform capabilities and training.

This article will highlight the Digital Transformation track, which is made up of 8 breakout sessions from Mendix developers, consultants and executives on how to make digital transformation a reality. It brings together the 4 P’s of Digital Transformation with our Digital Transformation Roadmap, providing best practices to help guide you on your digital journey.

1. How to Start Your Digital Transformation

Before understanding how to get started with digital transformation, you need to know what you want to achieve. And before you know what you want to achieve, you need to know why you want to achieve it. The first presentation from Roald Kruit, Co-Founder and head of Digital Transformation Practice at Mendix, will address the why, what and how of digital transformation.

2. Start-Structure-Scale: Why Digital Transformation Can’t Boil the Ocean

Digital transformation is all about timing. That’s why you need a roadmap, guiding you to do the right things at precisely the right moment. Menno Odijk, Director of Sales Engineering EMEA at Mendix, will go into greater depth on the Mendix Digital Transformation Roadmap and how to address your Portfolio, People, Process and Platform requirements across three distinct phases of transformation: Start, Structure and Scale.

3. Getting Out of the Gate: How to Make Your Start Phase a Success

The first project will make or break your digital transformation program. If it’s not successful, the entire initiative is likely to die on the vine. This session from Pieter Stolp, Director of Services EMEA at Mendix, will highlight key success factors and practical tips and tricks for making your first project a success, including prerequisites for getting started, how to structure your initial team and how to effectively engage the business in rapid, iterative development.

4. Best Practices for Managing Your Mode 2 Innovation Portfolio

According to Gartner, the second biggest barrier to CIO success is funding/budgets. To overcome this challenge, IT leaders must stop applying traditional portfolio management principles to their Mode 2 innovation initiatives. Attend this session by Joost Frijdal, Director CSM, EMEA at Mendix, for insight into managing your application portfolio across the start, Structure and Scale phases.

5. Understanding the People Aspect of Digital Transformation

When it comes to digital transformation, people, not technology, is where organizations struggle most. In this session, Jornt Moerland, Director of Professional Services, North America at Mendix, and Stephan Jacobs, Recruitment EMEA at Mendix, provide insight into addressing the people aspect of digital transformation. Using customer examples, they’ll outline recommended team structures across the Mendix Digital Transformation Roadmap. They’ll also share the ideal profile of Mendix team members and recruiting tips and tricks for how to best find them,

6. Best Practices for Applying Agile within Your Mode 2 Organization

While agile development methodologies like Scrum are absolutely critical to innovation and digital transformation, there are a number of principles that don’t work in practice with Mode 2 organizations. This session from Nick Ford, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Mendix, will explain how to best apply Scrum with your ‘Mode 2’ Mendix team and hear tips and tricks for getting started with DevOps.

7. Automated Testing: When and How to Apply in the Mendix Digital Transformation Roadmap

Agile development requires full test cycles encompassing functional and acceptance testing each sprint. Given these demands, automated testing might seem like the obvious answer. But is it right for every project? In this presentation, Bart Luijten, Consultant at Mendix, and Bart Tolen, Performance Specialist at Mansystems, will discuss automated testing best practices, including when and when not to use it.

8. The Mode 2 Stack: How to Make Digital Innovation Plug and Play

Mega trends like cloud, IoT, big data, analytics and machine learning are fundamentally redefining ‘apps’ as we know them. Yet many enterprises struggle to grasp this complex, fast-changing landscape and apple these technologies to drive breakthrough innovation. In this session, Erno Rorive, Technical Alliance Manager at Mendix, gives you a look inside the Mode 2 stack – a pluggable architecture for seamlessly leveraging these technologies with Mendix.

Put Your Digital Transformation on the Fast Track at Mendix World 2016

After all of these presentations, you should walk away feeling ready and eager to tackle the digital era and take your company through the Digital Transformation Roadmap.

Visit the agenda here for more information on the  Mendix World Digital Transformation track.

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