Mendix World 2016: A detailed view into the Mendix Platform track

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Mendix World 2016: A detailed view into the Mendix Platform track

Mendix World 2016: A detailed view into the Mendix Platform track by Mendix

As Mendix World 2016 draws nearer, we want to point out some highlights you won’t want to miss on your quest for inspiration and education on bimodal IT, business-IT collaboration and digital innovation best practices. Mendix World will feature a 24-hour, IoT themed hackathon; two days of inspiring keynotes; and breakout sessions, with tracks focused on strategic technology trends, customer success stories, digital transformation, the latest Mendix platform capabilities, and training.

This article will highlight the Mendix Platform tracks, which are made up of breakout sessions from Mendix developers, consultants and executives on how to make the most of the Mendix Platform to rapidly take your digital initiative to the next level.

Scaling your apps with the Mendix UI Framework

Whether your building applications for external customers or internal users, demand for beautiful, fully responsive applications is growing. In other words, great UI/UX can make or break your apps. In this session, Mendix UX Manager Erik Heddema will share best practices for leveraging the Mendix UI Framework and Theme Creator. You will also see real examples of engaging, multi-channel apps built with the framework.

Building offline, cross-platform mobile apps in Mendix

Your users are always on and they expect their apps to be too—across platforms, on any device and regardless of connection. While demand for offline usage is growing, building offline mobile apps has been a daunting technical challenge for developers. Not anymore. In this session, Mendix Consultant Marcel Groeneweg and Mendix Product Manager Achiel van der Mandele, will dive into building offline mobile apps in Mendix.

Achieving high availability and scalability using clustered Mendix runtimes

Having a reliable, fail-over architecture and being able to increase and decrease the number of nodes depending on load is quickly becoming the norm nowadays. In this breakout session, Mendix Software Developer Arjen Hoekstra and Senior Consultant at Conclusion, Kilian Croese, will give you a peak under the hood of the Mendix Runtime to explain how effortless high availability and elastic scalability can be achieved with Mendix.

Best practices for managing agile projects in Mendix

Rapid, iterative development is essential for transforming new ideas into innovative applications. That’s why agile processes are a key component of the Mendix Digital Transformation roadmap. In this session, Kevin Vlaanderen, Product Developer at Mendix, will discuss leveraging Mendix to manage agile projects. You’ll leave armed with plenty of tips and tricks for prioritizing and governing your requirements and user feedback, planning sprints, and evolving from project management to product management.

Turn data into insight with Mendix OData support

90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years alone. Yet, all this data doesn’t actually deliver value unless properly applied. Data must be easily accessible by applications and the people who use them—which is the goal of the Open Data Protocol, commonly referred to as OData. In this session, Gaurav Sancheti, Quality Assurance Analyst at Mendix, will show you how easy it is to get more value out of the data in your Mendix applications with just a few clicks.

Leveraging IoT and Machine Learning to Build Smart Apps using Mendix

With the growing amount of data available to us, the challenge we currently face is how to deliver this in a practical way to users so they have the right information at the right moment in the right location to take informed actions. In this breakout session, Mendix Product Manager Andrej Koelewijn will discuss how you can build Smart Apps by combining the Internet of Things, Machine Learning and the Mendix Platform. Learn about the ways Mendix enables you to access IoT data, control devices, use historical information and make predictions using this data.

Many Clouds, One Vision

The Mendix Cloud, launched in 2011, is our managed Platform as a Service (PaaS). It allows our customers to focus on apps, while we automate away the infrastructure. Our support for Cloud Foundry allows our customers to run Mendix apps on platforms like IBM Bluemix, Pivotal Web Services, GE Predix and others—which can be on-premises, public or private cloud. In this session, Jouke Waleson, Product Manager at Mendix, will take you through Mendix and Cloud Foundry 101 to discuss the platform, services, buildpacks and more. He will review the flavors of Cloud Foundry and how to understand which edition is right for your organization.

Mapping in Mendix: A powerful, intuitive way to bring data into your apps

The volume of business data worldwide doubles roughly every 1.2 years, which has given rise to the term “big data.” The rising popularity of the Internet of Things will only accelerate this trend. It is crucial to be able to access all of this data in your Mendix apps to create value for your users, but access to data is not uniform. It is stored in a variety of formats and communicated over a myriad of protocols. To help, Mendix has long supported the transformation of data through mappings. In this session, Kevin Dullemond, Software Engineer and Scrum Master at Mendix, and Pieter van Balen, Lead Software Developer of the Integration Team at Mendix, will show how easy it is to use mappings in Mendix to transform your data.

Engineering a culture of excellence

In today’s fast moving business world, it is essential to be as effective as possible. The absolute key to this is engaged employees. Employee engagement is earned through appealing to the intrinsic motivators instead of the basic extrinsic motivators. In this presentation, Joost Mulders, Software Development Manager at Mendix, will go through the theory of extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivators, how they fit into the workplace, and most importantly, how they contribute to employee engagement. We will demonstrate our culture at Mendix, showing real-life examples of our culture and how they contribute to the intrinsic motivators.

Scaling digital innovation – How Mendix can help foster innovative ideas

With technologies like mobile, IoT and machine learning transforming business faster than ever, the need for digital innovation has never been greater.  But digital innovation requires rapid experimentation with new ideas and close collaboration between business and IT to bring them to life. In this breakout session, Arjan Hendriksen, Product Manager at Mendix, will unveil brand new platform capabilities that will help you transform innovative ideas into Smart Apps.

How to Define Integrations in a Breeze with Mendix

Extensibility has always been an important aspect of the Mendix Platform. Using Java actions, you can connect to existing applications and services. During this breakout session, Mendix Product Manager Andrej Koelewijn will highlight new capabilities that enable anyone to connect to external applications and services with the speed and ease typical to the Mendix Platform.

After all of these presentations, you should walk away equipped with best practices for managing and interpreting data, managing projects and requirements, rapidly building innovative applications and scaling your digital innovation initiatives with the Mendix Platform.

Visit the agenda here for more information on the Mendix Platform track.

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