NTLTEK Scales Business Model with Mendix ISV Partnership

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The best software solution ideas often come from deep industry knowledge. But even industry experts rely on the right tools to develop, govern, distribute, and scale their software.

Mendix makes it easy for industry experts to transition into low-code Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Vendors can rapidly create cloud-native, scalable software and deploy to any cloud configuration. Learn how NTLTEK took a great idea backed by industry know-how and launched a software business as a Mendix ISV partner.

Low-code bridges ideas with reality

NTLTEK started with an idea for software that tracks electricity losses across an energy distribution network. Their concept was different from what was currently available. They knew that if they could create the software, they would fulfill a real market need.

NTLTEK’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution needed to be cloud-native and scalable. It also needed to be easily deployed in any environment and be flexible. As an SAP-focused consulting company, deploying the solution on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) was critical. However, they couldn’t overlook the importance of an easy AWS integration.

“We tried a couple of strategies,” said Medardo Velásquez, Program Manager, IP Division for Billing Solutions at NTLTEK. “A traditional approach, with a software factory, and—in parallel—we researched low-code platform options.”

They decided to go with the low-code platform option and selected Mendix to build the microservice-driven software themselves.

“After a few weeks of Mendix experience, we realized how smoothly it accelerates the creation of data models and associated business process flows, or microflows,” said Velásquez.

“Mendix allowed specialized technical consultants with no programming experience to turn ideas into working prototypes. We were convinced.”

Low-code technology helps vendors scale horizontally

With their energy transfer prototype complete, NTLTEK saw an opportunity to segue into a new industry vertical with new software. They built a time-tracking application proof of concept that runs on a Hana database in a BTP environment. They discovered potential within the mid-sized service market for their business model and began to scale to a larger commercial solution.

“We are creating cross-industry billing cloud software,” said Velásquez.

In addition, NTLTEK saw an opportunity for their market to prosper through a specialized platform that transforms traditional one-time-sale business models into subscription and consumption-based models.

“Many small businesses really need to make the transition into the new subscription model economy in order to survive, let alone grow, but most of the available software is usually out of their price range,” said Velásquez. “We want to fix that.”

In addition to providing affordable solutions to billing complexities, NTLTEK sees a runway of future applications they plan to add to their offerings. As a smaller company, providing an affordable SaaS solution for early-stage enterprises — with no hardware overhead — became a strategy to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Using a Mendix low-code development framework, NTLTEK could leverage cloud technology to offer enterprise-class capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

“Our solution was conceived to be flexible, so any business—traditional, recurring, or hybrid—can use it to design, build, and adapt to its needs. We feel like this is our key differentiator,” said Velásquez. “Business operations don’t need to conform to the software; the software will adapt to the business.”

Why Mendix

NTLTEK started with a vision of affordable enterprise capabilities. They knew they needed flexible solutions that met their customers where they were and provided multidirectional scaling opportunities for their own business goals.

Their billing POC is a multilayered tool for holistic account and business flow management. To accommodate their needs, they needed a platform that allowed them to create complex microservices and user functionality. Further, they knew they needed low code to move quickly from prototype to production.

“We noticed that using the Mendix visual modeling approach dramatically reduced the design and development time for both apps,” said Velásquez. “The visual environment and all the pre-built components allowed us to rapidly create and iterate on both the time-tracking and billing apps.”

Cloud-based business model

Speeding development time was one benefit but extending development potential helped NTLTEK achieve their scalability goals. The path to success within their marketplace starts with modestly priced and powerful SaaS cloud-based options. Then, by continuing to provide value and quality, NTLTEK will scale with their clients and customers.

“We need to offer a platform at a very low cost so customers can start small and then grow,” said Velásquez. “We hope they see value in reinvesting the added revenue and cost reductions that our solution generates into expanding their cloud portfolio with us.”

Development flexibility

With Mendix, software vendors can rapidly create applications out of the box. However, the same flexible framework also allows vendors to adapt or extend their current solutions or code bases. That opens new scaling potential and combines it with rapid development capabilities.

Why partner your ISV with Mendix

For an enterprise with a global vision that prioritizes time to market, the Mendix ISV partnership program acts as an accelerator. Vendors get technical support with system architecture and helpful optimization suggestions to maximize performance. ISV partners can also count on Mendix for networking support and additional marketing efforts.

“Our software is aimed at the global market, and we dream of huge potential. Growth will allow us to invest more into the product and drive additional growth,” said Velásquez.

“This virtuous cycle will only be accelerated by tools like Mendix.”