Shape a New Reality with Mendix 10.6

For too long, the complexities of enterprise software development have ranged from overwhelming to downright impossible. There is a struggle to ensure scalability and security while juggling legacy systems and integration barriers. All of which can end up inhibiting business process support rather than empowering it. It can also lead to a customer experience that is lackluster at best.

Simplify Development with Mendix

Our goal since inception has always been to improve communication and collaboration between business and IT while giving organizations the power to increase development output.

Our intention has never wavered.

With Mendix 10, we’ve not only doubled down on those intentions, but we’ve also sought out solutions for simplifying the complexities faced in enterprise software development. In short, our customers are now better placed than ever to make the unattainable, well, attainable.

Make development easier with Generative AI

With Mendix 10.6, we’re pairing AI-assisted development and low-code together to make development faster and easier than ever before. This combination will enable your existing team to:

  • Develop smarter regardless of their current skill level
  • Integrate with any technology
  • Maximize the reuse of common components
  • Better bridge communication and priority gaps

This pairing of AI and low-code gives development teams an advantage in several ways:

  • MendixChat – this feature goes beyond being a helpful chatbot by tapping into Generative AI to help answer development questions and provide real-time guidance. MendixChat is currently in beta.
  • MxAssist – comprised of several functions, including the MxAssist Logic Bot that helps to model and configure your application logic in Mendix Studio Pro, and the MxAssist Best Practice Bot, which is an intelligent virtual co-developer bot that helps you improve your app by inspecting your app model against Mendix development best practice in Mendix Studio Pro.
  • Validation Assist, which helps developers build validation microflows in a more automated way using pre-built expressions.

Expand your development horizons

We’ve made it easy to capitalize on new, emerging technologies using low-code. Create user experience across many UIs (web, mobile, AR/VR, voice assistants, chatbots, etc.). Harness AI/ML to build smart solutions, all while managing the performance, scalability, and security of your applications across diverse platforms and modalities. With Mendix 10.6 we offer:

  • AWS Connectors
  • ML Kit
  • DB Connector / Data Importer
  • MXDP capabilities
  • Easy integrations
  • Visual Database Constraint building

Embrace user-centered design excellence in every feature

Building the apps that will empower business processes is half the battle. Making them reflect your organization’s design and UX/UI standards is another consideration entirely. For that, we have several new and updated features, including:

  • The Figma UI Kit
  • Updated widgets for better UI/UX
  • Improved design mode and rich design properties in our Page Editor

Unlock insights, transparency, and control over your app landscape

Managing the entire lifecycle of core applications is a challenge for even the best of organizations.

With Mendix 10.6, you can unlock valuable insights into your application portfolio for better control and management. Because of the centralized nature of the platform, it is easy to provide transparency to stakeholders while at the same time reducing the challenge of juggling various elements like:

  • Delivering on user requirements
  • Optimizing system efficiency
  • Safeguarding data
  • And adjusting to changing technological trends and regulatory demands

To do this, and do it well, Mendix 10 offers:

  • App Entitlement
  • Application Health Dashboard
  • Epics & Portfolio Management integration
  • Enhanced app management
  • Enhanced platform user management
  • App Insights (Mini surveys, Feedback modules)
  • Mendix Solutions Kit
  • Simplified security overview in a matrix format

Mendix 10.6 is a game-changer in the world of enterprise software development. By simplifying the development process, unlocking insights and transparency, embracing AI-enablement and multi-experience, and breaking down silos, Mendix 10.6 empowers developers to achieve more with the same team and resources.

When should you upgrade to Mendix 10?

With its latest release, Mendix is now considered in medium-term support, a great time to consider upgrading your Mendix apps from 8 or 9.

Upgrading can bring its own set of challenges to plan for. If you’re at the very beginning stages of thinking through what it will take to safely and securely upgrade, take a look at our handy Upgrade Guide. This will give you an overview of timelines, who should be involved in the upgrade, and how to prioritize your apps.

Some helpful pointers as you begin the upgrade process:

  • Understand your team’s structure and availability. This will allow you to plan who works on what apps and when.
  • If you haven’t upgraded before, remember to timebox your efforts for future reference.
  • Always focus on the value of upgrading. Is now the right time? Or perhaps you want to wait until Mendix 10.12 or .18? It’s up to you.

Get a more in-depth look at how to approach upgrades from a panel of Mendix experts in our on-demand webinar on the topic. This includes best practices for managers along with insights around advocating for resources.