Siemens CIO Talks Modern Enterprise IT

Solving one IT problem is easy enough. Solving a dozen is harder, but doable. Solving hundreds of rapidly evolving problems across a global organization – that’s the multi-dimensional chess board enterprise CIOs deal with day after day.

Enterprise IT is an endless minefield of complexity. While it’s not impossible to navigate without explosive fallout, it is challenging. And the degree of that complexity certainly increases as organizations get bigger. Larger organizations need more software for more end users and have more complicated use cases. While those IT departments might be better staffed – the resources are spread thinner due to the depth of demand.

Managing enterprise IT isn’t getting any easier. According to a recent Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Report, “70% of survey respondents say IT complexity has been a growing challenge for their organization over the past two years, and 81% say reducing IT complexity creates a competitive advantage.” However, only 21% of the executives surveyed claim they’ve successfully reduced IT complexity through effective management.

So that leaves us knowing that IT complexity is only getting worse and reducing it is likely to yield a worthwhile ROI. But the road to reduced complexity is a rough one.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Hanna Hennig, CIO of Siemens, about what it takes to run a complex – and successful – enterprise IT organization.

Watch the video to find out what Hanna has to say about running a modern enterprise IT organization – and the people and technology that make it work.