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Theme Creator Reloaded

Theme Creator Reloaded by Erik Heddema

Last december we released the Mendix UI Theme Creator. The Theme Creator lets you easily and quickly change the look and feel of your new application, without any hassle and all available in the browser! We received a lot of valuable and positive feedback which we are truly grateful for.

We already implemented the first set of feedback to make your life easier, so you can quickly begin to create your own theme.

New features: Form Customization

  • Label Color
  • Input Color
  • Input Height
  • Input Background Color
  • Input Border Color


  • Base Font Family
  • Base Font Color
  • Hyperlink Color
  • Header Size (h1 / h4)
  • Header Color

More UI Customization

  • Topbar Border Color
  • Topbar Text Color

New Page Templates

A quick mention of our page templates: we added two Login Templates with Mendix 6.1.0. Even though it’s not yet possible to include custom widgets in the page templates, we felt it was necessary to include Login Templates.

Next up for the Theme Creator

Now that it’s possible to add a custom font-family directly in the creator, we want to extend this feature so that it will also be possible to import a font through Google Fonts.

Additionally, we will release extra options to extend your custom theme even further. Be sure to give us feedback at the Mendix Forum and our Github repository!

Author Info

Erik Heddema