Custom Insurance Claims Processing Software Creates New Experience

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Custom Claims Processing Software

Every insurer has its own claims processing software solution in place. However, almost all of those systems are outdated, bulky, and hard to customize. And with a greater need to delight customers, these outdated systems are far from effective. You need better claims processing software that tailors to your insurance products and accommodates your unique operations and back-end workflows. No out-of-box solution can give you these results.

A Truly Custom Approach to Claims Processing Software

Many insurance groups are looking to migrate away from their pre-packaged claims processing software in favor of more flexible application platforms that enable truly customized and integrated claims processing.

While off-the-shelf solutions promote the ability to customize pre-built modules, these customizations are slow to develop and require specialized knowledge of the proprietary software. Ultimately, insurers are left with systems that cannot keep pace with business innovation. With Mendix, insurers create their own custom claims processing software that considers the end-to-end process, unique to their business model.

These solutions meet the needs of insurers today, and can be easily adjusted to meet the continuously changing needs of the business in the future. Find out how Mendix helps insurers improve efficiency, reduce the cost of service and support, and improve the speed of response and customer satisfaction.

Save Millions

No longer are insurers subjected to pre-packaged loss adjustment modules or constraining customer portal functionality. Instead, insurers are opting to create their own custom claims processing software and are seeing significant results.

In fact, a property and casualty insurance company utilizes Mendix’s platform to streamline application submission, quoting and binding of new business. Their custom claims processing software includes complex logic-driven processes and has improved data quality, enabled straight-through processing of requests, and saved the business millions of dollars by automating manual processes.

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