To help you get started with building apps, Mendix provides a fully integrated suite of training materials and learning paths via our Academy. Learning paths are tailored towards your skill set, so there is training content for citizen developers with little to no development experience, for UX designers, and of course for professional software engineers.  In addition, there is the rich and vibrant Mendix community composed of tens of thousands of active members jointly participating and sharing their best practices. Experience is always a great resource for accelerated learning!

What Skills Do I Need to Learn Mendix?

All you need is a great idea as well as the time to get started – we can help you do the rest. Some basic understanding of databases, process modeling, and coding will help, but this is not necessary to get started.

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What Are the Mendix Training Options?

Training is fully integrated in the platform with an in-product guided introduction tour. And in addition to the Academy learning paths and modules, there are multiple channels for helping different kinds of users learn about the Mendix Platform:

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How Long Does It Take to Learn Mendix

The answer to this question depends on your profile and background. For example, you could have your first Mendix starter app up and running in less than 30 minutes, or you could start the Become a Rapid Developer learning path online for free (you must be signed in to the Mendix Platform to see this learning path). There are 12 modules in this learning path, each of which takes about thirty minutes to complete. That means you could be done in less than a day and start building Mendix apps straightaway!

For more information, see How Long Does It Take to Learn Mendix?.

Key Components of Learning