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AWS – Mendix Alliance

About the Alliance

Mendix has been cloud-native on AWS since 2016, but in 2022, we formed a strategic alliance to make Mendix the fastest and easiest way to build apps on AWS. Mendix is a Siemens business and our alliance with AWS forms part of an overall Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) that Siemens signed with AWS in 2021. The Mendix-AWS alliance covers everything from joint product development to go-to-market and professional services. The current focus areas are listed below, but you can also find more general information on the Mendix on AWS webpage.

Deployment Options

You can deploy Mendix apps on AWS in three different ways – Mendix Cloud, Mendix for Private Cloud and Mendix Cloud Dedicated. For more information, see What Deployment Options Does Mendix Provide?

For Mendix for Private Cloud, we now have an official AWS Reference Deployment for Mendix on Amazon EKS. This completely automates the setup of Mendix in the customer’s own AWS environment, in about 30 minutes. For more information, see Mendix on Amazon EKS.

Connectors and Enablement

AWS has over 250 products, called AWS Services, which you can integrate into your Mendix apps to make them more powerful and intelligent. We’re working with AWS and our developer community to provide a rich set of AWS-Mendix connectors and make that integration simple and secure. Read more about our strategy for AWS Connectors in the Mendix Marketplace.

We also want to enable Mendix and AWS developers to use these connectors and build their own if needed. For Mendix developers, we are working on a course about AWS connectors, and for AWS developers, AWS has launched a self-paced AWS Workshop on Mendix.

Demos and Templates

To show the business-relevance of the connectors, we use them to build demos and app templates for real-world use cases. Demos show you what is possible with Mendix on AWS, whereas templates go a step further and can actually be used as the basis for a customer-specific implementation of the use case in question. 

For example, we built a demo that uses Mendix and several AWS Services to manage the condition and quality of sensitive goods as they travel through the cold supply chain. To learn more, see this AWS blogpost, this Mendix blogpost and this on-demand webinar, delivered by experts from AWS and Mendix. 

AWS Marketplace

Buy Mendix through the AWS Marketplace for a streamlined procurement and billing process. From a legal perspective, your contract is still with Mendix, but from a financial perspective, Mendix will be included in your AWS bill. This is especially useful if you’re trying to consolidate your IT spend in the AWS Marketplace. There may also be commercial benefits for existing AWS customers when they buy Mendix through the AWS Marketplace. 

For more information, see Mendix in the AWS Marketplace.

Three-way Alliances

Mendix and AWS are working with several system integrators, core system providers and other partners to form three-way alliances with even more benefits for our customers. 

Engage with Us

Whether you are a (prospective) customer, partner, or developer of Mendix or AWS, we’re keen to hear your feedback and ideas. Speak with your existing contacts or contact us here.