Welcome to Mendix


Mendix is the market-leading low-code development platform designed to solve complex software development challenges.

Whether you are facing technical complexity or organizational complexity, Mendix is the only low-code platform with the capabilities and expertise to ensure you can rapidly deliver portfolios of applications that make an impact.

The value of the Mendix platform comes from an approach that goes beyond the ability to deliver simple apps with minimal code. With Mendix, enterprises have a comprehensive set of capabilities necessary to develop portfolios of software that deliver business outcomes. These portfolios comprise everything from simple cases of process automation all the way to complex use cases using the latest technology. Read more about common use cases.

What is Mendix’s vision and mission?

Mendix has always focused on empowering people to realize value by accelerating their ability to deliver software. Our founders understood that the biggest factor limiting organizations’ ability to deliver software was the communication gap between Business stakeholders and IT teams. Mendix was created to bridge this gap to enable teams to build apps together using a common visual language.

Since the early 2000s, when Mendix was founded, thousands of customers have transformed how they develop and deliver software. And Mendix has served as the foundation for creating hundreds of millions of dollars of value.

Today, we still believe in this, with our vision being a world where ideas can become outcomes, and our mission as mobilizing organizations to make better software, faster.

What problem does Mendix address?

Mendix was founded to address the biggest problem in software development: The disconnect between business and IT.

This challenge, universal across industries and geographies, is simple: business needs are typically described such that IT can’t properly interpret and translate them into software. This lack of collaboration between business and IT comes from traditional code limiting the development process to developers, while simultaneously requiring a business SME’s input to build the right software.

Organizationally, problems between business and IT escalate, stemming from the lack of a common language to agree on capabilities, goals, and prioritization. Further, this mismatch is often identified far too late in the process, resulting in perpetually delayed release dates, developers losing productivity to rework, lack of user adoption, and missed business opportunities.

Challenges such as technical debt and insufficient developer resources exacerbate issues, compounded by the complexity of maintaining monolithic applications. This results in supply failing to meet the demand for rapid innovation and responsiveness.

These problems have only intensified with time. The demand for software continues to increase as “every company is a software company,” while recruiting and retaining enough specialized software developers to keep up with demand has become impossible. The complexity inherent in software development today doesn’t end there. Years of strained budgets and intensifying pressure mean that IT organizations are struggling with:

  • Fragmented toolsets
  • Lack of visibility and governance
  • Data with inaccessible value
  • Outdated processes and tools

When customers adopt Mendix, they deliver software at speed. The result? Products and services are brought to market faster, operational processes quickly optimized, and industry-leading end user experiences delivered sooner—all with your existing staff and budget.

What is Mendix’s approach to addressing complexity?

Mendix is classified by Gartner as a low-code application platform. However, Mendix offers customers much more than just a low-code editor for developing apps that solve workgroups-scale problems. Mendix is primarily used by customers who want to create and manage large portfolios of business-critical applications across organizational and technical boundaries.

Several capabilities and expertise are foundational for executing at this level:

  • Abstraction, automation, and AI are foundational to the platform, simplifying and standardizing development, and dramatically broadening the capabilities your existing team can deliver.
  • Mendix simplifies and automates every step of the SDLC, using either existing enterprise tools or platform capabilities to increase efficiency and improve quality.
  • Development teams are organized as Fusion Teams that comprise people with both business and technical expertise to enable IT and business to collaborate and solve problems faster.
  • Reusability is paramount in the development of software on Mendix. When components are created, they are designed to be leveraged further in the future, and when software is created, it leverages existing components as much as possible