How long does it take to learn Mendix?

Learning Mendix to become productive is fast, especially if you compare it to learning traditional high-code languages. Within a few days, you can add real value to development projects. And in a few weeks, you can confidently build more complex application features.

You also don’t need to have a formal software development background to learn how to build applications with Mendix. In that case, you will just have a different entry point to Mendix as compared to the developer colleague you will work with. Mendix Academy and our trusted Training Partners offer a wide range of course options to get anyone project-ready in a short amount of time.

As you come across more complex challenges to solve on projects over time, there will always be new things to learn. Mendix Academy will be your starting point and long-term companion in your continuous Mendix learning journey.


What are the Mendix training options?

Mendix Academy offers two ways for you to learn. You can choose the option that suits your learning style and preferences best.


Instructor-led trainings are offered by our trusted Training Partners with Certified Trainers. Trainers have years of real-life project experience and are now keen to pass on their knowledge and skills to a new generation. Not only do our Training Partners offer a wide variety of specialized trainings, they also offer them in different languages and formats.

Do you have specific training requests? Contact one of the training partners and see what they can do for you. Or reach out to the Mendix Academy team and we can help you find the right training partner for your needs.


If you prefer to learn by yourself, in your own time or at your own pace, we also have you covered. Once you have created your Mendix account, you can embark on your Mendix learning journey right away by starting one of the online learning paths offered for free by Mendix Academy.

The Rapid Developer learning path is designed for users who are new to software development. The Crash Course is designed for users that come from a coding background. If you’d like to craft the ideal learning journey for your team, the Mendix Academy team can provide a free consultation.

In Mendix Academy, you can find a big collection of learning paths for every certification level. The learning paths can be filtered according to Your Role, Your Level, and keyword Tags that reflect your interests and goals. This online content is available for free for the Mendix community.


Are there any additional sources I can use for learning?

Next to the online learning paths or instructor led trainings, there are various other ways to find more information or gain more knowledge.

An important part of the Mendix platform is the Mendix Community, where our developer community is very active asking questions, providing help, and discussing possible solutions and best practices. Next to the online platform, there is also an active Mendix developer community on Slack and medium.com.

Documentation for the Mendix Platform can be found on the Mendix Docs site, including release notes, how-tos, references guides, and content on all the other aspects of the Mendix platform next to our IDE.

In addition, have a look at our extensive video library where you can find a large collection of videos discussing a plethora of topics related to app development with the Mendix platform.

To make finding all this information even easier, the Mendix platform comes with Mendix Chat out of the box. You can ask Mendix Chat your development-related questions and it will find you the relevant information from various sources across the platform.


What is the value of Mendix certifications? How can you get certified and what are the costs?

Mendix certifications offer a standardized way to indicate a person’s level of experience with the platform. This indication is particularly important when it comes to partner selection and staffing decisions for mission-critical projects.

For any Mendix partner whose mission is to help customers implement Mendix projects, certifications on higher levels are essential. The more quality developers a partner has, the more likely it is for that partner to make the project a success story.

For customers, establishing certified resources internally is also highly valuable as these resources can be trusted to actively participate in or effectively oversee a project. Later on, they can (and should) be deployed as champions to help form CoEs and a company-internal Mendix Community. These are powerful structures that will over time develop the capability to generate many reusable company-specific solutions, reshape the IT landscape, and thus help capture the maximum value out of the Mendix platform.

To get certified, you and your team can simply register online through the Mendix Academy or purchase exam seats in advance and allocate them amongst your team members. From the Intermediate level onwards, there are prerequisites that must be met before registration is possible. All Mendix exams, with the exception of the Expert Developer exam, are on demand. This means that you can take the exam whenever and wherever you want.

Exam name Exam type Cost
Rapid Developer online multiple choice €0 / FREE
Intermediate Developer online proctored multiple choice €141 / $150
Advanced Developer online proctored multiple choice €141 / $150
Expert Developer motivation letter and individual interview €564 / $600


What are the certification levels?

Mendix core certification program consists of four levels.

Rapid Developer

Mendix’s foundational certification. Passing the free online exam on this level proves that you understand the basics of the Mendix platform, i.e. the terminologies, where to find the most important platform features, and the Mendix way of thinking. In other words, you can speak the common language between Business and IT. Regardless of one’s involvement in actual development activities, anyone participating in a Mendix project should have this certification.

Intermediate Developer

Passing this proctored online exam proves that your knowledge and skills extend beyond the fundamentals of the Mendix platform. You are ready to build more complex features but still need the occasional guidance from more advanced developers. You need to have the Rapid Developer certificate to qualify for this exam.

Advanced Developer

You are ready to lead. You understand the complexities of app development and are able to build intricate solutions while leading your team to success, safeguarding performance, maintainability, and best practices of your projects. Depending on your talent, consistency in learning, and amount of project opportunities, you may reach this level after six months. You need to be a certified Intermediate Developer first before attempting this level exam.

Expert Developer

The pinnacle of the developer certifications. Expert developers have years of extensive experience with building and leading Mendix projects. They know the ins-and-outs of the platform and the wider Mendix ecosystem and are able to resolve and implement the most complicated issues and requirements. To acquire this certification you must prove your experience during an individual interview, which you need to formally apply for with a motivation letter and your Advanced Developer certificate.

More information on certifications can be found on the respective certification exam registration pages on Mendix Academy.


If I want to expand my team, where can I find suitable talent?

Job board

Mendix is dedicated to helping employers find qualified talent through the Mendix Developer Job Board. Mendix customers and partners can post open positions on this Job Board for free with the knowledge that these jobs are being promoted to Mendix job seekers worldwide.

Talent Foundry programs by our Training Partners

Some of our trusted Training Partners can be contracted to recruit and train graduates to become directly deployable professional Mendix developers within a year. Please reach out to [email protected] to find out whether there are partners to offer such programs in your region.

University Program

The Mendix University Program works with a continuously expanding network of higher education institutions across the globe, including:

  • Georgia Tech
  • Universidad de Monterrey
  • Pearson College London
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • University of St. Gallen
  • IE Business School
  • Koc University

The goal is to bring low-code into Business- and IT-related majors as well as MBA programs. By participating in this program, professors acquire the capability to prepare students for experimenting and turning their own ideas into tangible outcomes on our industry-leading low-code platform.

The program also helps graduates with proven Mendix skills to get in touch with potential employers in need of developers later on via the Mendix Developer Job Board.

Cross-train your existing developer pool

Besides sourcing talents from outside, if you already employ traditional high-code developers, consider investing in your existing and trusted team and add Mendix to their skillset. This is – as we discussed in earlier sections – a low-effort endeavor with high rewards further down the road.