Getting Started with Mendix

When considering a low-code platform, you should explore your options with your team to see how easy it is to learn and use and to understand how to get help if needed.

Mendix onboards new users with a wealth of training, documentation, and support resources.

You can also learn how to take advantage of all that the Mendix Community and Partner Ecosystem offers when getting started, during your application development process, and when preparing your team to develop in Mendix.

You also can learn how the Mendix Digital Execution Practice and tools can help your organization with your digital transformation.

  • Try Mendix for Free

    Ready to try all what has been described in this guide so far? Head over to the Mendix platform and sign up for free. Invite your team too, as Mendix is better as a team. Read more about the Mendix Free Edition.

    Featured Questions:

    • Where Do I Start with the Mendix Platform?
    • What is included in the Mendix Free Edition?
    • Can I invite my team?
  • Learning

    Anyone with an idea can build an app on the platform, and Mendix provides a wealth of resources for getting started right away. Read more about how you can put online training, classroom sessions, documentation, and certifications to use to take your career to the next level.

    Featured Questions:

    • What Skills Do I Need to Learn Mendix?
    • What Are the Mendix Training Options?
    • How Long Does It Take to Learn Mendix?
  • Community

    Mendix has a vibrant community of thousands of users and active contributors. On the Mendix Community site, the community comes together around all the tools and information they need.

    Featured Questions:

    • What Can the Mendix Community Do for Me?
    • How can I recognize the roles and skills of the Mendix community members and ecosystem?
    • How can I learn about Mendix Meetups & Events?
  • Support

    Read about the support Mendix offers.

    Featured Questions:

    • What Support Does Mendix Offer?
    • How Can I Get Expert Help for Custom Implementation Needs?