Digital Execution Practice

Successful Digital Transformation starts with a Practice

You need more than a great low-code platform for your organization to be successful in your digital transformation journey.

Only 16% of organizations say that their digital transformations have equipped them to be change-ready. The primary reason for failure of new growth initiatives like digital transformation, as Gartner suggests, is not technology but rather the “inability to bridge enterprise execution gaps for change.

So, where does successful digital transformation start? With a practice.

More specifically, successful digital transformations start with software delivery and transforming your software delivery methods, which requires two things. One is a low-code platform that accelerates the building and deployment of applications. The second is Mendix’s proven digital transformation methodology that leverages low-code and also inspires change in the way your business operates.

In short, you need to change the way you deliver, not just build, software.

Our Digital Execution Practice is a method for executing on your digital transformation initiatives. We’ve curated this practice from years and years of experience with customers across the globe who have scaled up their low-code journey.

What is the Mendix Digital Execution Practice?

Our Digital Execution Practice is designed to ensure that organizations effectively navigate through the stages of digital transformation using the Mendix platform. It embodies a phased approach – Start, Structure, and Scale – each with distinct milestones and activities that correspond to the 5Ps: People, Portfolio, Process, Platform, and Promotion.

Everyone organization’s digital transformation and business transformation goals are different. But much like how the Mendix platform plays well with most technologies, our practice plays well with most organizations’ infrastructure and personnel.

Introducing the 5Ps

Portfolio: Strategizing for Value and Momentum

Creating a robust portfolio involves more than listing high-value initiatives. You need to prioritize projects that not only align with strategic goals but also deliver quick wins. These early successes serve as a springboard, building momentum and showcasing the tangible benefits of your low-code investment.

As your portfolio grows, capturing and communicating the value delivered is essential to sustain support and enthusiasm for the digital transformation journey.

You can start building your Mendix portfolio with Mendix Portfolio Managment or you can read more about it here.

People: Building the Team for Transformation

Identifying the right talent is critical to achieving your digital transformation goals. The right talent goes beyond development skills. It’s about bringing people together from across the organization to support and drive change. A successful transformation requires a collective effort, where each member is not only a participant but also an advocate for the new direction.

Mendix Academy and Mendix partners can help you to upskill your team.

Process: Scaling Agility for Impact

Process is the engine of your transformation. To succeed at scale, you must evolve how you work, embracing processes that enable rapid development and ensure continuous delivery of a portfolio of high-quality applications. This begins with a rapid ideation process and matures to established agile development and governance practices.

We’ve built an introduction to Implementing Mendix in your organization, to help you understand how to get your organization started with process around the Mendix platform.

Platform: Harnessing Low-Code Synergy

Integration of a low-code platform like Mendix into your broader IT ecosystem is about strategic fit and forward-looking tech governance. The platform’s ability to play well with a range of technologies is crucial, but how these elements interact depends on the guidelines you establish.

Organizations should embrace the composability trend by creating a strategy around reusable components. Gartner posits that “by 2024, 80% of CIOs surveyed will list modular business redesign—through composability–as a top-five reason for accelerated business performance.”

Mendix Marketplace and Mendix Catalog are key parts of the Mendix platform where your team can share components and APIs for reusability.

Promotion: Amplifying Low-Code Success within the Organization

The impact of your success is amplified when it’s widely recognized within your organization.

You need to establish effective communication of your vision and the value you deliver with low-code by keeping stakeholders informed. This inspires widespread buy-in and securing ongoing support. Showcasing successes ensures that everyone understands the value of the transformation effort, securing its place as a core element of the organizational culture and strategy.

Start, Structure, Scale (3S)


The ‘Start’ phase is the launchpad of your low-code journey. This stage is focused on securing early, demonstrable success. It begins with:

  • Identifying pivotal team members for a single app development team
  • Establishing your low-code vision, and setting clear objectives.
  • Delivering your first Mendix solution.

The completion of your first Mendix solution is critical—it validates the low-code platform and creates momentum around the transformation initiative.


Transitioning to the ‘Structure’ phase means scaling the initial success of the ‘Start’ phase across a growing portfolio of low-code applications. Leadership expands with a Program Owner who brings strategic direction and ensures resources are managed efficiently. This phase involves:

  • Evolving from a singular focus to multiple teams
  • Spreading expertise and promoting scalability
  • Documenting successful practices for repeatable success
  • Formalizing a Low-Code Center of Excellence (CoE)

Leaders drive the application portfolio, encouraging cross-functional collaboration and adaptability within the broader organization


The ‘Scale’ phase is about the full integration of Mendix into the enterprise. A well-established Low-Code Center of Excellence allows you to proficiently deliver software through:

  • Taking charge of governance and methodology
  • Deploying applications at scale
  • Implementing automated testing

These activities cement robust control, enable widespread implementation, and uphold stringent quality assurance. This makes your Mendix implementation both impactful and sustainable.

Read more about the Mendix Digital Execution Practice in our Digital Execution Manual.

Benefits of the Mendix Digital Execution Practice

Guided Journey: The Mendix Digital Execution Practice offers a structured approach, ensuring you don’t just start your journey well but also maintain the right course, adapting to challenges along the way.

Maximized Adoption: The DEP ensures that the implementation of low-code technology is not just adopted but embraced across your organization, turning skeptics into champions.

Accelerated Value: By focusing on strategic alignment, the Mendix Digital Execution Practice ensures that every step taken maximizes the value derived from your low-code investment, making sure you succeed on your strategic objectives.

Agile Change: Our methodology champions adaptability, empowering your organization to become agile and ready for change. This enables swift responses to evolving market demands and internal shifts.