What Kind of Support Does Mendix Offer?

If you get stuck on the platform, Mendix provides various support channels, which are described in the sections below. This diagram presents an overview of the various support options:

Community Support

The Mendix community is always there to help you, 24/7. The Mendix Community is where the community comes together to help each other out with questions and answers and to propose ideas for improving the platform.

The Forum is closely integrated with the Mendix Profile, so Mendix community members can see all the interesting and useful information about who is participating in the forum.

With the Mendix Profile and the platform’s gamification, community members are incentivized to answer questions. This results in 80% of all forum questions being answered within 30 minutes by a Mendix community member.


You can always investigate the extensive platform documentation on the Mendix Docs. Here you can find how-tos, reference guide material, API and SDK documentation, and content on all the other components of the Mendix Platform. The documentation is hosted on GitHub, which means the whole Mendix community helps to keep it updated.

Marketplace Support

The Mendix Marketplace is full of content provided by Mendix and the community. Specific support for Marketplace content is determined by the content support category and service level agreement (SLA) that you possess.

Mendix distinguishes four supported content categories:

  • Mendix Platform
  • Partners
  • Siemens
  • Community

For Mendix Platform content, the same SLA conditions apply as for the platform. Support for Community content is up to the user or organization providing the content.

For more details, see Marketplace Content Support in the Mendix Developer Portal Guide.


Mendix Support

Service Level Agreements

Contact with the Mendix Support team is available for all users of the Mendix platform. For licensed Mendix customers, Mendix Support is bound by service-level agreements (SLAs) with our licensed customers. Licensed customers can select their SLA level: Standard or Premium.

For more details on our SLAs, see Mendix Support.

Premier Support

In addition to our Premium SLA, Mendix offers Premier Support, with elevated support levels, specifically for customers with business-critical apps. For more details, see Mendix Support.

Accessing Mendix Support

You can access the Mendix Support team through the Mendix Support Portal, via email ([email protected]), or by phone (phone numbers are listed in the Support Portal).

Please note that critical tickets always need to be accompanied by a phone call to speed up the triage of the issue. In the Support Portal, you can check the status of your personal tickets, check all the submitted tickets for your applications, and provide updates on them.

What We Expect from You

Mendix supports the platform, and we expect you to support the applications that you build on the platform. The standard SLA does not include the following:

  • Developing code on your behalf
  • Debugging or troubleshooting your applications
  • Analyzing and troubleshooting the health and performance of your applications or your infrastructure, except when we suspect an underlying issue exists in the platform
  • Troubleshooting Mendix community-developed components from the Mendix Marketplace

We expect your support team to be trained and certified on Studio Pro and the Mendix Portal so that they can interpret and analyze alerts, graphs, and logs in the Mendix Portal. For more information, please check our available courses or contact the Mendix Academy ([email protected]).

During the start phase and through part of the scale phase of your digital transformation journey, it might be best to let your development team (DevOps) handle the support of the applications. As the number of applications grows, it is best to let an expert service desk handle the support of your applications. You can involve your existing service desk team or outsource support to one of our support partners which you can find listed on the Meet Our Partners page.


Expert Help for Custom Implementation Needs

Mendix Partners

Customers may wish to outsource the development and management of their applications to a partner. All Mendix development partners have to go through a training and verification process before they can qualify themselves as a Mendix partner. This helps us ensure that our partners deliver a level of service that meets our expectations.

Partners can be found in the Mendix Partner Profiles. Customers can see how many trained and certified engineers each partner has, their projects they have completed, and their references. The partners can be filtered by experience, industry, and area.

The Mendix development partners can give advice, help you realize projects, and take over complete development cycles.

Mendix Expert Services

Mendix Expert Services is here to support our partners and customers in implementing projects. The Expert Services Team is closely involved in all the new product developments from Mendix R&D and is always up to date about the latest features and developments. This group of highly-trained Mendix developers is often used by our partners and customers as an expert team ready to solve specific issues in the implementation of Mendix apps.