Digital Insurers & Innovation in Insurance - Examples & Testimonials

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Modern services. New customers. Endless possibilities.

Stay Competitive in the Pay-As-You-Go, Hyperpersonalized Market.

Evolve with your customer

Customer expectations have changed. They won’t pay for premium coverage they’re not going to use. They want flexible policies that can be updated and adjusted in real time, as needed.

Keep up with digital natives

InsurTech companies were born ready to meet the new needs of the modern customer. Insurance companies that have been in the industry for decades, or over a century, are hampered by outdated, inefficient legacy systems that are not primed to pivot. These established insurers can use new technologies to address disparate IT infrastructures and create new products.

Perfect the perpetual pivot

Disruption is the new normal and to stay competitive you must be able to adapt and evolve to meet the changing demands of an unpredictable market.

Innovative flexibility is paramount

Insurance companies that have stood the test of time are moving beyond the status quo to become industry pioneers. With Mendix they are building custom apps and solutions from concept to launch in a secure, agile environment.

Evolve and Iterate with Agile Technology

Make adaptive flexibility your new normal

Ideate, Develop, Launch - Repeat

Solve Problems & Break into New Markets

The ability to build applications and custom processes collaboratively and at speed enables companies to innovate and evolve in a digital world that’s only ever going faster.

With Mendix insurers can develop solutions that address the inefficiency of outdated systems and create new products for their customers.

Customer Experience Meets Data Processing

Zurich Insurance tapped into the Millennial market with an app that creates an accurate life insurance quote from a single

One-Size Fits No One

Make the Next Big Thing

Modern consumers are digitally mature, savvy, and looking for personalized, tailored services. They need policies to protect drones, pay-as-you-drive insurance plans, and coverage users can alter on as-needed basis.

Insurers need to be able to innovate and iterate quickly in order to meet emerging expectations.

Get More Done, Faster

Erie Insurance consolidated processes and systems to produce a single-user interface for agent quoting. The portal significantly replaced manual work with a digital process, reducing the quote-to-bind window from five days to one hour.

Kick the Legacy lag

Operate Efficiently

Move beyond outdated software operating on cobbled-together Shadow IT infrastructures by using Mendix to create custom processes and applications that can adapt and grow at the pace the industry and market requires.

VGZ reduced back-office process costs with the launch of VGZ Zorga mobile app that allows customers to submit claims and access their polices instantly. The app processes 5,000 claims a week.

Zurich built 3 fully-functional apps in 6 months

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What can you make with Mendix?

See what your peers have built with the platform in our Solutions Gallery.

  • Quote & Buy

    Connect customers and the business through user-friendly tools.

  • Claims Portal

    AI-supported chatbots help customers report personal property losses.

  • Rating Engine

    A simple end-user interface fueled by complex data computation.