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Low Ops for Low-Code

Low-Code Productivity,
Kubernetes Delivery

Kubernetes is the future of cloud operations, but it’s only made writing software harder. Achieve development speed, collaboration, and control with low code on Kubernetes. Ship solutions faster, and tackle your development backlog with Mendix for Private Cloud.

Ensure business continuity through uptime, governance, and control while remaining flexible to meet ever changing needs.

Private Cloud Key Capabilities

  • Simple Environment Provisioning

    Automate database, file storage, and network endpoint provisioning

  • Automated Build & Deployment

    One-click build and deployment of your application lifecycle.

  • Centralized Management

    Keep up to date with patches, monitor logs, and schedule events all in one place

  • Open Logging & Metrics

    Direct access to app logs through an ELK stack. No lock-in, open approach to choose your monitoring tool.

  • High Availability, Out of the Box

    Configure HA in a simple, self-service manner

Enterprise Architecture

Mendix for Private Cloud Architecture

Deploy Mendix applications to any Kubernetes cluster running in a (virtual) private cloud or on-premises. Simplify the application and data lifecycle management with the Mendix Operator. Securely connect to Mendix rich low-code development toolset with the Mendix Gateway. Achieve observability with open logging compatible with Elasticsearch and Kibana while monitoring with OpenMetrics and Prometheus.

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Opinionated, Enterprise Kubernetes

The Cloud Native landscape is enormous and complex. Confidently deploy to enterprise grade, proven, and opinionated Kubernetes stacks that are fully supported by Mendix. Open source and open standards ensure that you can make it your own.

Why Mendix for Private Cloud?

Tap into the power of the cloud without becoming an expert. Realize the speed, collaboration, and control of low code with Mendix Cloud.

  • Kubernetes Application Lifecycle Management

    Mendix for Private Cloud is the only low-code platform that supports the full application lifecycle on Kubernetes.

  • Solve the Dev in DevOps

    Kubernetes solves operations problems, solve development with Mendix.

  • Free Up Operations Experts

    Automate repetitive, tedious operations and delegate building and versioning to low-code developers.

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