Intelligent Automation Report

Intelligent Automation on AWS: Assemble IA solution portfolios with
the Mendix low-code application platform

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Sharpen Your Competitive Edge with Intelligent Automation

Infusing automated processes with intelligence can drive process costs down by 20-60% and improve operational effectiveness anywhere from 50-400%. Building the applications that drive those processes can be time- and resource-consuming which is why you need to leverage low-code to create intelligent automation (IA) implementations.

Mendix on AWS is the one-two combination you need to hone that competitive edge. Read more about how you can use Mendix’s low-code platform to create apps infused with intelligent AWS services like Comprehend, Lex, Rekognition, and SageMaker. Read “Intelligent Automation on AWS” and find out all about it.

Apply Intelligent Automation to Your Business

Read this report from AWS to discover how IA can help you optimize the way you do business. You’ll learn:

  • How to create a mental model to determine which IA applications are best suited for low-code development
  • What success looks like with Mendix on AWS through real-world examples
  • Determine how to include developers of all skillsets in deploying IA applications