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Analyst report:

Low-Code Is Spreading Throughout the Enterprise

Enterprises of all sizes are turning to low-code development platforms to speed delivery of the software vital to their digital transformations. General-purpose low-code platforms support a broad range of functions to address many use cases, including innovation, customer engagement, operational efficiency, and legacy migration. Specialized platforms may encourage tactical adoption, but most offer a narrow range of functions for one or two use cases.

Download this Forrester report to learn more about the differences between general-purpose and specialty platforms, and how AD&D leaders can overcome potential portfolio and governance challenges to harness low-code’s massive potential.

Gain insight into:

  • Why enterprise adoption of low-code platforms is accelerating due to massive unmet business needs for custom applications
  • Why low-code platforms used outside AD&D pose potential risks, including poor/failed apps and high technical debt
  • How a light-touch governance approach can help AD&D leaders effectively manage low-code adoption across the enterprise
Forrester Report: Low-Code Is Spreading Throughout the Enterprise Report