All you need to know about Agile frameworks

Agile Frameworks in 60 seconds

A Brief Intro to Scrum

Scrum Team

Other examples of Agile frameworks

In addition to Scrum, there are other lightweight frameworks you can use for Agile development.

  • Kanban

    This agile framework gives you a visualized workflow so you can break work down into small pieces. Kanban helps you identify bottlenecks and waste and reduces wait time by giving you well-defined project limits, explicit process policies, and helping you measure and manage flow.

  • Extreme Programming

    By centering around engineering principles, Extreme Programming helps you ensure delivery of high-quality software. In this Agile framework, teams work collaboratively in short development cycles and are flexible and adaptable to change. Extreme Programming utilizes user stories and frequent, small planned releases.

    Extreme Programming
    Extreme Programming