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Customer demands, markets, and business needs change every day. Yet, many enterprises aren’t equipped with the right business mindset, technology, or processes to quickly adapt.

That’s why leading enterprises across every industry are shifting to a composable approach. Composable software development focuses on broadly accessible, modular architecture to make it easier and faster to build, modify, and extend applications.

With Mendix’s leading low-code platform, thriving digital ecosystem, and composable methodology, you’re well-prepared to take on the complex challenges of digital transformation.

“By 2025, 60% of new custom business applications will be built using reusable business services via a catalog or marketplace.”

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What is a composable enterprise?

“Composability” is a business and IT philosophy. Gartner states that a composable business is an organization made from interchangeable building blocks.

What does that mean in practice for software development? Rather than starting everything from scratch, businesses use pre-built, reusable components that make it faster and easier to deliver solutions.

Compose, customize, reuse, repeat

Accelerate delivery by building modular, flexible applications.

Skilled developers are empowered to build custom components, and have limitless freedom to extend capabilities on our open and extensible platform.

Business technologists can then easily build applications with those components, or with the pre-built, customizable solutions in the Mendix Marketplace.

  • Leverage our library

    Build and modify solutions with pre-built, reusable components available in the Mendix Marketplace.

  • Minimize Risk

    Use built-in enterprise governance tools to globally control component, applications, and platform security.

  • Deliver faster

    Develop up to 10x faster with 70% fewer resources with our pre-built, reusable components.

  • Extend without limits

    Adjust components and extend application capabilities on our open and extensible platform.

  • Maintain consistency

    Ensure that all components and solutions in your application portfolio are consistent and secure.

  • Adapt in real time

    Respond quickly to changing markets and customer needs with low-code’s inherent speed and agility.

Leverage our thriving digital ecosystem

With our network of strategic partnerships and library of integrations and connectors, Mendix fits seamlessly into your digital ecosystem.

  • Integrate without frustration

    Connect Mendix with your systems of record, data sources, and applications. Our library of pre-built database connectors and services can be found in the Mendix Marketplace or easily consumed through APIs. With Mendix Connect, you can ensure that everyone in your organization uses data consistently and securely.

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  • Lean on our partners

    Maximize your Mendix experience with support from our unrivaled network of partners. Our partners are industry and domain leaders with experience navigating even the most complex low-code use cases. Rest assured that our sophisticated partner-built solutions, components, and connectors are available to support you through the development process.

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