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Greg Satell is a popular writer, speaker, and innovation advisor whose work has appeared in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Times of London, Fast Company, Inc., and Business Insider. A corporate executive and entrepreneur, Satell has built market-leading digital and media businesses and advised major brands to do the same. You can learn more about Greg on his website,

  • Truly Great Innovators Do These 4 Things

    During Greg Satell’s research for his book Mapping Innovation, he spoke to dozens of successful innovators and found four underlying attributes that make up a great innovator.

  • Innovation is Never Just One Thing (Actually, It’s Three Things)

    It takes more than an idea to change the world. In this blog, Greg Satell explains why innovation must be an integrated process of exploration, iteration, and execution.

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    Here’s Why Even Successful Companies Find It Hard To Innovate In New…

    Innovation is never one thing or one event. One of the useful frameworks Greg Satell describes in this article is the Three Horizons Model, which groups opportunities based on how they relate to current markets and capabilities. Learn more about the traps to avoid to ensure that your organization doesn’t end up like Kodak.

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    6 Things Great Innovators Do Differently

    There is no one “true path” to innovation. There are, in fact, as many ways to innovate as there are types of problems to solve. Through his research at global organizations, from corporate giants to startups to world-class labs, digital transformation influencer, Greg Satell, has noticed six universal traits that great innovators have in common.

  • How Do We Define Innovation in An Era of Disruption?

    In this blog post, Greg Satell gives a preview of his new book, Mapping Innovation. He discusses how innovation in the digital age is different from what it was in previous generations.