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Jasper van der Hoek

About Jasper van der Hoek

Jasper has 9+ years of experience in Agile development, business process analysis, project delivery, programming and Mendix modeling. He has global experience identifying, training, and developing Mendix Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and has helped drive business innovation across Finance, Banking, Insurance, Life-Sciences, Logistics, Retailing and E-Commerce industries.

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    Agile Entwicklungsprozesse mit dem idealen Scrum-Team

    In diesem Blogbeitrag gehe ich darauf ein wie wichtig es ist, ein motiviertes Scrum-Team zu haben, und ich erkläre die Verantwortlichkeiten jeder einzelnen Teamrolle.

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    Low-code Development Without Compromising Your Architecture Strategy

    You can leverage many technologies to drive digital transformation, the challenge is making the right choices for your business. Attend this Gartner Catalyst session to learn how to align the technology to your strategy.

  • How to Succeed with DevOps

    Before adopting DevOps, it is imperative to identify the blockers for a DevOps culture. Mendix has identified four important focus areas in which to make improvements and prevent further challenges.

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    Pursuing a Full Agile Software Lifecycle

    Becoming agile in all phases of the software development lifecycle takes more than adopting agile, CICD and DevOps. Discover 5 key focus areas for each stage of development to ensure speed and agility.

  • Why You Should Consider DevOps for Your Organization

    When transforming your organization to support agile development, how can you keep the same agile pace during the maintenance of your application? This is where DevOps can make a difference. In this blog, learn the definition, core values, and corporate advantages of DevOps.

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    The Ideal Scrum Team Composition for Agile Development

    This blog post explains the importance of having an enthusiastic Scrum team and the responsibilities associated with each team role. Discover the key characteristics that are important to consider when creating your Scrum team.

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    Takeaways from Gartner Symposium: 5 Focus Areas for Your Digital…

    This article details the key themes from the Gartner Symposium in Orlando, including how companies can start or improve on their Digital Platform. Learn the three strategies to become a leader in digital and the five focus areas for your digital business strategy.

  • The Road to Adopting Scrum – Preparing For Your Journey

    You probably know the Scrum methodology, but your entire team needs to have the same understanding when starting a new dev project. Here are a few tips.