Mendix Academy Develops 7 Online Advanced Training Courses

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Mendix Academy Develops 7 Online Advanced Training Courses

Mendix Academy Develops 7 Online Advanced Training Courses by Mendix

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I’m happy to announce the release of the first three of a total of seven new online advanced training courses. After releasing the online Introduction Course we received a lot of positive feedback and requests to expand the current online training offering with more advanced topics.

Topic Based Training Courses

Instead of converting the existing classroom training course into an online version (as we did with the introduction course), we recognized that the demand for certain knowledge depends on the progress of a developer and the needs of their current job.

That is why we split the advanced training course up into seven topic-based courses. Each training course can be taken individually. When you take a certain training course, or in which order, depends on knowledge needs and growth as developer. Developers can take the training courses at their own time and speed based on personal growth and needs.

The seven courses cover the following topics:

Modeling Microflows
The main goal for this course is to learn how to model your microflows most effectively. You will learn when to use sub-microflows, how to use lists, and how to use the debugger.

Handling Errors
The goal for this course is to learn how Mendix handles error exceptions by default. You will also learn how to customize this behavior by looking at different business cases and situations.

Working with Data
This course covers how Mendix handles the application data across various locations. You’ll learn how to use the different page data sources and how you can optimize them in different scenarios. Besides covering data sources in pages and microflows, we will take a deep dive into XPath.

Advanced Domain Modeling
The ADM course teaches you how to build a good domain model and to leverage the domain model in the best possible way to create applications that perform well.

Advanced Security
In Advanced Security you’ll learn how security is handled and what the best practices are. Through hands-on activities, you’ll learn how to apply security in the proper places, how to add anonymous users to your app, and what the security best practices are at every level.

Tracking Application Behavior
The main goal for this course is to learn how Mendix handles logging, how you can add custom logging for your application-specific logic, and how you can find and read the log files.

Creating an Engaging User Experience
The CEUX course covers how to create engaging and intuitive user experiences (UX) and interfaces (UI). You’ll learn how to use the different UI elements and how you can optimize them to create engaging and intuitive user experiences.

The First Three Advanced Training Courses Are Now Available

The first three training courses, Modeling Microflows, Handling Errors and Working With Data, are now freely available for anyone to take. We will be releasing the other training courses during the second half of 2017, adding up to a total of seven online advanced courses.

Classroom Advanced Course

Advanced TrainingOf course, the advanced training course will still be available as classroom course, where the same topics will be taught by one of our Mendix trainers. In the classroom, you will be able to ask questions, practice the theory, and collaborate with fellow Mendix developers.

Advanced Developer Certification

Together, these advanced training courses form the knowledge base needed to prepare for the practical advanced exam. This certification exam is part of the Mendix certification program and tests a developer’s skills. Thus, in addition to these courses, we advise putting what you’ve learned in the advanced training course(s) into practice before taking the advanced developer certification exam.

With these courses, we want to enable the Mendix developer community to improve their knowledge and skills to build awesome Mendix apps. The new advanced courses can be found in our online learning environment. Additional courses will be announced through our social channels as soon as they are available. We’re looking forward to all participants joining these courses!

Which training course will you take first?

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