“Companies come to us because they either want to become more digital, or they want to improve their processes and operations,” says André van Teeseling, partner and leader of the Mendix practice at First Technology. “Low-code and Mendix, for us, is the solution.”

As a long-time Mendix partner and Diamond Sponsor for Mendix World 2021, First Technologyhelps businesses digitally transform through the power of low-code development. We’re so excited that the First Technology team will be sharing their expertise and customer stories with attendees at this year’s virtual event. Without further ado, meet First Technology and get the stories behind their five Mendix World sessions.

Who is First Technology?

Founded in the Netherlands in 2006, First Technology provides data, technology, and consulting services for European businesses in industries such as insurance, finance, retail, logistics, and government. Their clients are typically facing challenges in various stages of digital transformation, with many needing to optimize and automate business processes — tasks where low-code development excels.

Low-code is an integral part of First Technology’s solutions portfolio. The company now has over 80 Mendix developers and consultants throughout the Netherlands and the UK, and is in the process of building a new team in Croatia.

Van Teeseling and his team have attended Mendix World since 2014, but this year marks a special occasion. In 2021, First Technology completed a merger with Valcon, a Scandinavian strategy and operations consulting group, and both companies will join forces at this year’s event.

Catch First Technology at Mendix World 2021!

First Technology has a wide breadth of experience with the Mendix platform, and you don’t want to miss what they have to say during their five Mendix World sessions. Make sure to register for Mendix World and add these must-see sessions to your schedule!

Digitalizing underwriting and claims management with MS Amlin 

Insurance is one of the many industries where digitalization is in high demand. To better connect customers and brokers, MS Amlin, a ​​UK-based insurance provider, enlisted First Technology to build a new low-code solution for the underwriting and claims processes.

With Mendix, Van Teeseling and his team developed a solution for brokers, underwriters, and claim handlers to access product information, obtain real-time quotes, submit new claims, and manage policy adjustments. “The solution at MS Amlin is one of the biggest and most advanced solutions I have seen and built with Mendix so far,” says Van Teeseling.

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Support your core insurance processes with the Humble Bee Insurance Suite

Van Teeseling will also introduce Mendix World attendees to First Technology’s Humble Bee Insurance Suite, a low-code built off-the-shelf solution that helps insurers digitally manage products and policies efficiently, including the product life cycle, underwriting, and claims handling processes.

Not only is there a session devoted to discussing Humble Bee’s customization possibilities, extensibility, and integrations, there will also be a special presentation about the Insurance Suite at First Technology’s virtual booth.

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Digitalizing the customer experience in 4 weeks with Dutch Railways

Because of COVID-19, Dutch Railways needed a fast, efficient way to manage new occupancy limits, keep track of passenger volume, and make schedule adjustments as necessary.

In this session, First Technology will chat about how they helped Dutch Railways develop a mission-critical app in just four weeks using Mendix.

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Integration with security and speed: Leveraging Data Hub with MS Amlin

Data integration is a time-intensive, complex process that’s made easier with Mendix Data Hub. MS Amlin and First Technology team up again in this session to discuss the challenges of data integration, insurance industry regulations, and how Data Hub makes a difference.

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From a monolithic to microservices application architecture with NCOI

NCOI is the leading provider of professional training and education in the Netherlands. Needing to modernize their existing legacy system, the company worked with First Technology to digitally transform from a monolith high-code solution to microservices using low-code.

This session will feature both NCOI and First Technology and will focus on the transition to microservices as well as NCOI’s scaled agile program approach with combined near-shore and local development teams.

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There’s even more to see at the largest low-code event, including a guest keynote address from Simon Sinek! Check out the full catalog of sessions and grab your tickets here.