How In Motion Creates Digital Solutions for Insurance

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In Motion operates across the Americas, with headquarters in Chile and Mexico. They have strategically supported the insurance industry, seeking digital transformation for almost thirty years.

“Our cloud-native solutions are based on microservices. This allows us to customize and scale automatically to meet any demand,” says Miguel Alfonzo, In Motion’s Commercial Director.

“We also prioritize integration of next-generation capabilities in our solutions. Those include seamless use of APIs, webhooks, and asynchronous events,” Alfonzo added. “This enables us to automatically generate updates easily and frequently.”

Speed, autonomy, connectivity, and vision

Expectations around user experience in the insurance industry are changing. Brokers, underwriters, and customers want digital channels to buy and process insurance products.

“In this environment, we believe that a low-code development platform is an absolute must to create targeted insurance applications,” says Alfonzo. “Deliverables, such as go-to-market times for new products and more autonomy for decision-makers, are crucial for insurers.”

In Motion studied LCAP evaluations of the leading low-code vendors. After five months, they selected Mendix.

“We determined that Mendix stood out for its technical abilities, its vision, and its position as a market leader,” Alfonzo stated. “Furthermore, with backing by Siemens, we were assured it would continue this trajectory.”

Disrupt SaaS services with Mendix

This year, In Motion released Policysense. This software suite digitalizes six components of the insurance value chain.

“We’ve launched the Policysense Sales and Policysense Distribution modules, built entirely on Mendix,” says Alfonzo. “The suite will soon offer several other components, focusing on Claims, Policy Administration (PAS), Reinsurance, and Premium Invoice & Collection. We call this suite “low-code native” because it is quite different from other insurance solutions.”

Alfonzo predicted that In Motion’s module approach would disrupt the market for SaaS solutions in the insurance market.

In Motion found working with Mendix enabled the software vendor to create new systems that were easy to adapt for each customer. “The Mendix platform aids our own functionality… especially compared to our previous use of traditional high coding techniques,” said Alfonzo.

Regarding other products in the insurance industry, Alfonzo said, “They are limited by having very specific extension points. In some ways, that negates the advantages of using low-code.”

Tomorrow’s innovations today

In Motion expects its suite of digital solutions will continue to grow. “We are working to add more analytic capabilities and AI functions across the entire Policysense suite,” said Alfonzo. “The speed with which we can integrate next-generation features and scale automatically to meet any demand makes us a unique competitor within our market.”

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