Mendix recently conducted an online survey of community members to understand the trends in low-code application development.

1. Low-Code development enables a spectrum of developers to build applications

Low-code platforms offer a visual approach to application development, enabling a spectrum of developers of varied experience to create applications for web and mobile using drag-and-drop components and model-driven logic through a graphic user interface. According to the survey of our developer community, 1/4 of users are developing robust applications on a low-code platform without having any previous programming experience, and 40 percent of these developers have a background in business. It is clear from these stats that low-code application development enables non-technical business people to easily turn their ideas into applications, as well as enables traditional software developers to utilize their skills to provide a better development experience for others involved in the application lifecycle by developing reusable code extensions.

2. Developers can learn their way around a low-code development platform in just one month

70 percent of the developers with no programming background learned how to build applications with a low-code platform in just one month or less, and 28 percent learned in just two weeks or less. It is clear that low-code model-driven development is a language that business developers can understand and communicate. With such a short learning period, the business can quickly collaborate with IT and traditional developers and build applications much more quickly.

3. Applications can be built in three months or less with a low-code rapid application development platform

In fact, 72 percent of those surveyed are developing applications in three months or less with a low-code platform, compared to the six months or even years it can take to develop applications using traditional development.

Low Code Developer infographic

Infographic Transcript:

Low-Code: No Experience Required

Talent is everywhere: 24 percent of low-code users reported starting with zero programming experience. 40 percent of low-code developers have a background in business.

Ramp Quickly: 70 percent of those users learned low-code is one month or less. 28 percent learned in two weeks or less.

Build Apps Fast: 72 percent of low-code users were developing apps in three months or less. 55 percent of high growth organizations focus on innovation and customer engagement.

Go to market faster with better quality applications. Information sourced by a survey conducted by Mendix.