Sure, it’s much simpler and faster to produce a 3D object than its full-scale counterpart. However, the process is similar and requires manufacturing-style production tools used in factories to manage:

  • Customer requirements
  • Quotations with delivery deadlines
  • Orders with delivery dates
  • Multi-stage production
  • Machines, raw materials, and processing times for each component

The 3D printing process is more complex than a spreadsheet can handle yet too basic to justify MRP or ERP investment.

Recognizing a vacuum in 3D printing project management tools, Tocndix developed a low-code application to address this need. The Tocndix application is also adaptable and can be applied to other essential production use cases. Let’s look at four ways the Tocndix 3D printing application can improve enterprise project management.

Quotation Generation

This initial step consists of a workflow to validate requests, forward them to the financial department to create quotations, and then to the printing service to schedule production.

Quotation Generation workflow management developed on the Mendix low-code application platform is easy to extend and customize, allowing for extensive enrichment of workflow functions.

The necessary options, conditions, and flows — including voting rules — are built into Quotation Generation. This feature can be set so quotes are sent to the customer only after all relevant stakeholders have approved the announced deadlines.

Production Tracking

Designed for internal use, the Production Tracking feature provides a concise overview of each stage and printer involved in your production process, along with their launch schedules.

Enterprises use the Production Tracking report to support customer quotations by justifying production deadlines. This feature is adjustable based on commercial priorities, production chain challenges, or roadblocks.

Production Optimization

Gantt charts are critical in all productions. These project management tools help factory managers adjust flows and avoid bottlenecks due to unforeseen issues such as saturation or poor printer planning.

Production Optimization tools create a visual representation so administrators can easily interpret and track the ripple effects of each technical issue and each new high-priority order.

Mobile Optimization

Tocndix’s application is available on smartphones and tablets, complete with streamlined decision-making processes and reports accessible to all parties involved in the printing processes.

It’s easy for enterprises to add a secure version so external clients can submit requests and monitor the production of their orders.

With Mendix, an enterprise can quickly and efficiently build Android and iOS applications to submit to the respective mobile platform marketplace. In addition, a native-mobile version is in development to add photos of printed components at each stage’s completion.

The Added Value of Low-Code and Mendix

By developing the 3D application on the Mendix low-code platform, Tocndix makes it easy to customize and extend functionality — without complex development.

The Tocndix 3D printing application also enables businesses with corporate ERP systems like SAP to retrieve stock and material cost information directly. And, with Tocndix, enterprises can also interact with customers and suppliers from one interface.

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