Mendix Cloud: Now Live in Africa, Bahrain, and India

Mendix continually strives to help organizations worldwide to solve problems and create positive outcomes faster and easier.

To that end, we’re thrilled to announce that the Mendix Cloud is now available in three new regions: Africa, Bahrain, and India.

These launches truly open the door of possibility for these regions.

Getting more from the cloud

Mendix Cloud is the most optimized cloud to run Mendix applications. It’s built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and supports Virtual Private Cloud and High Availability. Mendix Cloud is built to be reliable, scalable, and deployable anywhere.

Bahrain, India, and Africa are just the newest instances available to a worldwide network. This fully-managed SaaS offering means Mendix customers can worry less about their cloud operations and focus more on their projects and needs.

mendix cloud map


Faster, more accessible, more compliant

These region launches open up new markets and new possibilities for Mendix users, truly enabling enterprises worldwide to innovate and execute with low-code. Let’s take a look at a few benefits:

Lower latency

Who wouldn’t want to get more done faster? Customers who have their apps deployed in other regions now have options for deployment closer to their home base. New Mendix Cloud customers in these regions will automatically start getting the benefits of lower latency as they begin their journey on Mendix Cloud. That’s a great thing for any enterprise in these regions.

Data residency and compliance

Many industries in these regions, such as banking and government, require data to reside within the country. These new cloud options give organizations flexibility and control, knowing they’re securely storing data in their local geographic perimeter and meeting compliance requirements.

On top of these, Mendix customers have access to the whole suite of industry templates, connectors, Amazon Web Services (AWS) connectors, and more that the Mendix platform offers.

Meeting customers no matter where they are

These Mendix Cloud region launches mark another exciting step on the Mendix journey to empower teams worldwide to build solutions better and faster.